Monica what is actor Noah just pointing at me he’s like his asshole hey guys we’re currently headed off to paulie’s most beautiful location if you saw my top 10 places to visit in Bali Nusa Penida was number one we have just negotiated a boat to take us from nusa ceningan to Nusa Penida who’s ready to get lost ready to get lost Cameron’s only like 15 minutes away we negotiated a boat for about $30 us or 400,000 Indonesia.


I am. So unbelievably excited right now hands down the most beautiful place in all of Bali welcome to beautiful new sub Bonita, it’s five of us we got Cameron Kelsey Julia Fred’s at the back there okay. And that’s their driver nice guy thank, you very much bus no not a chance not a chance sure bike SEP 27 to we got a deck out the motorbike yes subtle product placement for the wind just arrived at one of the viewpoints that made noosa penitas.

So wonderful, this is killing King and. I was here eight months ago guys it has changed drastically there used to be a massive bush back there where there was actually a bunch of aggressive monkeys. I could tell that they have destroyed that.

And pushed them out there’s like all sorts of stuff being built up around here shacks. And viewpoints and. I don’t know, it’s it’s obviously bound to change as people come.

And visit. I don’t really have a problem with that, but, you know. I did prefer it when.

I had it to myself when there was just me. And a few friends, but nonetheless it is still the extraordinary viewpoint there was last time welcome to the most beautiful place in all of Bali bling King King King basically, it’s this little dinosaur way looking head some people say, it’s a dinosaur he says, it’s the whale no. I say, it’s a dinosaur.

So who sits the whale. I don’t know. I say, it’s a turtle okay.

I think, it’s a dinosaur, it’s a dinosaur Jurassic Park has never been. So real blinking. So, you can actually take a rickety staircase made out of little bamboo sticks all the way to the bottom, but it takes about half an hour probably got two.

And a half hours. So we have to be back at our boat otherwise. I’m at a breath otherwise we will not be able to get back to nusa ceningan because the low tide will prevent any boats from going back.

So we’re off to the next place which is Billabong beach. I believe right now we’re at Asus Billabong. And right behind that little hill there’s broken Bay it has a change it has last time there was no hot no temple no tourists not anymore but.

I want to was too. So yeah. I really think this will be one of the up-and-coming places here in Bali like, you can already see it this building of pathways better roads, it’s just natural as soon as people start finding the beautiful things in social media especially it just like puts that growth on steroids because whereas it used to be a growth through word of mouth now, it’s just like they all watch the same posts photos.

And it happens very quickly in this case big differences in like six months when I was here last time we were swimming in there, you would not want to be in there right now because it’s so sharp like razor blades sharp rocks.

So if a big wave like that came in either you’d be pulled out to the ocean never be seen again or, you just be like, you know shred it up like a cheese grater damn nature, you scary something, you want to tell me am. I missing something here that’s what. I’m missing yeah.

I’m missing it. I have a fear, this is how I treat all of his assistants how are, you doing yeah.

So those two incredible viewpoints are only about a five minute walk away from each other. And after an amazing day of shooting it is time to literally sprint back rush back on our scooters because we told our boat driver we’d meet him at 5:00 we’re gonna be back around 5:15. And the tide goes out around 5:00 5:30.

So if he decides to leave without us we’re stranded in Nusa Penida which. I don’t really want to be stuck here overnight. I don’t want to be homeless.

I want to get back to my room, it’s time to travel Fred we literally as it changed from four fifty nine to five o’clock Fred pulled it in part. So good couldn’t invent anybody. So good.

And now we go back to nusa ceningan my gosh how did, you find that look how chill, it’s in my arm the captain take me on that boat oh man our boat sucks okay right into the camera do you’ve a puppy no puppy no English oh okay no English no puppy hello hey again how are, you guys we found by far the best breakfast place. And lunch place ends in ER place, it’s right by the yellow bridge in Nusa Lembongan. And, it’s just like.

So affordable. And the owners dope. And to play really good music, this is the place to come English breakfast German breakfast make the right choice.

And last, but not least our incredible accommodations here on Nusa Lembongan guys have to say like this bungalow that we’ve been staying in incredible value super affordable like 21 to $25 a night. And you’ve got like AC room all the stuff, you need if you’re interested I’ll have it linked down below. So, you can actually book through there.

And yeah we’re heading out what an incredible end to a trip here in the noosa Islands let’s get lost again tomorrow. So yes exciting announcement the presets are finally alive if you want to see the nine presets that basically allowed me to do all my photo editing that will allow, you to just in one click have a photo looking almost identical to what. I post on Instagram then check that out it works in Lightroom flawlessly.

And if you want to use it in Photoshop in the Camera Raw area you’ll have to watch a tutorial on how to convert them, but, it’s super easy to do. I personally edit in Photoshop, but like. I said they’re built for Lightroom you’re probably wondering where.

I am there’s gonna be more to come on that in a single vlog like a super vlog that’ll be three days of hanging out in Yellowknife in northern Canada. I’m just getting ready here to go watch aurora borealis. So.

I’m really excited about that, but there’s really no sleep going on if you couldn’t see it in my eyes. I’m a little tired here. And lastly we’ve just reached 70 patrons on the patreon page.

I’m really excited about that those are the people who are getting exclusive content about how. I’m running my business what kind of revenue streams in my building how am. I adapting to the changes on social media.

And sharing behind the scenes travel tips. So that’s all the stuff that gets posted on a weekly basis on patreon with those exclusive weekly posts if you’re not already part of the patreon family the easiest way to do that is just to check the link down below as always let’s get lost again in the next one peace sacrum. ?

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