Hey everybody how you guys doing today we just did a little challenge post, and these ones were the stars hello you just ate lots of candy. So we just did the toddler’s China American candy challenge, and this is the result of them having way too much today before the day starts I think we need to get some energy out of these girls. Because there’s a lot of sugar in them right now we’re the babies that crashed, and we’re just enjoying the swing. So we’ve just been doing work all morning. Because we have a lot to catch up on, and to just have a bit of a break we are heading out to lunch I think we’re gonna try this cafe called blue lemon that’s Beck’s recommending. So we’re not going to need us today, and apparently is this nice organic place. So we should get really.


So we’re just driving, and Beck said I need to show you something before we go to lunch we’re just driving through the residents in Utah, and someone has not just a horse. But a zebra oh my gosh the server is coming to us this is crazy Wow is he friendly yes okay he’s feeding him like I want real lettuce does he like lettuce amazing betray bye-bye zebra. So, I’m just putting it out there that was so cool seen that zebra I think the closest I’ve been to his ever is that is soo I know it’s not technically in the wild. But to me that was pretty close to the wild, and now we’ve just yet Lululemon this place that’s amazing it’s set up really cool, and it just feels healthy yeah it looks cool we’ve got some great creamy soda straight-up curl depending, and we got ourselves some recruiting status that’s fine no judging did you enjoy this Deborah yeah what’s the zipper is name ourselves an artichoke panini some sweet potato fries, and it’s okay if they’re not big. Because they are so good, and it’s some pumpkin soup yummy that is one of the best pumping soups I’ve ever tasted. So I get hints of cinnamon, and nutmeg it up like the pumpkin squash you guys have to come to Utah go see stripe eaters they’re briny comfortable come see if you’re tall enough.

So we come into a giant sports dog food shields which normally I’ve never gone into a sports store. But we just worked out the girls at all enough finally to ride the ferris wheel. So gonna go on it sorry Kendall yes she is my god it’s so cool this is just in a sports store having fun break the top, and we’re not really the kids are moving me honest Kevin yeah please look here comes Lori you see Dori all right we’ve literally spent the rest of the afternoon working it is currently 9:30 at night we even have we haven’t even had dinner. So Sarah’s just come over, and we’re all going out to do now for the last supper before we leave to go off to our new events tomorrow. So let’s go, and eat as, I’m starving. But, I’m got a ton of work done which is good, and when we get back from dinner we want to feel let them wait with her let’s see yes that looks like it’s talking you guys though these are amazing nachos relighting you good hi guys it’s now midnight he will tell you tomorrow where we go on yeah let’s tell him nice, and early tamale yeah thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoyed time here and, I’m very excited to share with you guys where we’re going tomorrow guys.

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