Pandemonium Books & Games US Map & Phone & Address

Pandemonium Books & Games US Map & Phone & Address

36 J.F.K. Sl, Cambridge; (617)547-3721

This store is a mecca for fantasy and science-fiction fans who love a bargain just as much as the rest of us. Pandemonium has all the popular fantasy magazines and games at list prices; more unusual, they have the only secondhand game selection Mine has found in the area. Poke around, and you’ll see recent and older titles, all in good condition like an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dark Sun’ boxed set for $9.95, and an older Ravenloft set for $8.95.

These go for $25-$30 new. Used The Holt Educational Outlet Wholesaler’s discounts to the public on Brio, Crayola, Playmobil, and even Thomas the Tank Engine game accessories and books are $1.95 and up.

In addition, the store sells new and used books: Hardcovers (with a few exceptions) are sold at 15% off the cover price. New paperbacks are full price but for better deals, check out the used books which go for as little as 950, and seldom more than $2.95. Used hardcover titles are $2.50 and up.

The staff knows its universes, and they encourage browsing. Any customer who spends $25 or more gets a 10% discount; die-hard enthusiasts can join the store’s club, in which annual dues of $5 entitle you to a 15% discount on all purchases. And finally, you can sell off your own used games and books. If only D & D could have as many winners! Located in the Garage mall in Harvard Square, Pandemonium is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.; Sundays from 12-6 P.M.

And when your kids yearn to roam freely across seventeen aisles of the latest action figures and computer games …

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