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With the exception of Mercosur members (Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina), all visitors traveling to Paraguay are required to carry a valid passport. As of 2012, travel visas are required for Americans, Australians, Canadians, and New Zealanders – travelers of all other nationalities should, nonetheless, double check with the Paraguayan Embassy for updated travel requirements. Visas must be obtained in advance through the Paraguayan Embassy or consulate – they are not available for purchase upon entering the country. Visa applications cost US$45 for a single entry and US$65 for a multiple entry visa – both are good for ninety continuous days within Paraguay. One-time visa extensions, good for ninety days, may be obtained at the immigration office in Asuncion (see Visa Extensions and Immigration) for Gs. 277,000. Tourists who wish to extend their stay in Paraguay by exiting and then re-entering the country should note an absence of more than forty-eight hours might be required in order to begin a new ninety day stay. However, the Paraguayan government is constantly changing immigration rules, so it is best to double check with the immigration office should any visa issues arise (see Visa Extensions and Immigration).

Getting There


The majority of commercial flights to Paraguay arrive at the Aeropuerto Internacional Silvio Pettirossi in the capital city of Asuncion. Airport tax is US $41, paid upon departure. However, some airlines include this fee in their ticket prices. Check at the airline counter to be sure you won’t accidentally pay the exit tax twice.

TAM Mercosur Offers the most frequent connections to Paraguay with most flights connecting through Sao Paolo, Brazil (a planned merger between TAM and LAN is in the works). Not to be confused with Transportes Aereos Militares, a military transport plane, which operates flights within Paraguay. Tel: 021 615 061/2, 645 444 (airport office), Corner of Mariscal Lopez and Mayor Infante Rivarola,

TACA TACA flights to Paraguay often involve several layovers in Central and South America. Tel: 009 800 511 8222, Galenas Viabella corner of Avenida Espana and Dr. Feliciangelly,

Aerosur Most Aerosur flights connect to Asuncion from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Tel: 021 614 743/744, 021 646 125 (airport office) Corner of Senador Long and Avenida Espana, www. aerosur. com

Gol Daily flights to Asuncion from both Brazil and Argentina. Tel: 021 454 772, Paseo Carmelitas, Corner of Avenida Espana and Malutm,

LAN Most flights to Asuncion connect through Santiago, Chile, or Buenos Aires, Argentina. Corner of Juan de Salazar and Washington,

COPA Flights to the United States connect in Panama City, Panama. Tel: 009 800 542 0074, Corner of Avenida Boggiani and Capitan Nudelman, Edificio Boggiani,

American Airlines Direct flights from Miami are scheduled to begin in November, 2012. Currently, there is not an office in Asuncion.

Sol Del Paraguay A new national airline that flies between Asuncion, Ciudad del Este, and Buenos Aires with plans to expand to Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. Tel: 021 224 555, Eligio Ayala 988 between EEUU and Tacuary,

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