PARASAIL FAIL Bay of Islands New Zealand

Hey guys welcome to day one of my contiki New Zealand grand explorer tour. So we’re going to be traveling on feeling for 15 days going to go popcorn for a day.

And go all the way down the North Island South Island hey guys. So we have arrived here ha he ha he pronounced it and. I’ve met some awesome Canadian friends.

PARASAIL FAIL Bay of Islands New Zealand Photo Gallery

So, this is Jessica. And all very good. I’m horrible with names, you will learn that very soon.

And what are we about to post yeah rooms parents sailing up their boat waiting for a boat to come in. And. I’m excited.

I’ve never felt before of, you guys peristyle before first time first time parasailers, you what’s that amazing Oh Chris my beard goes up forever, it’s like 20 minutes. I was good beautiful yeah hey guys. I have some amazing news to tell, you about, you all know how much.

I love to travel well now. I have the ultimate dream come true travel announcement. ?

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