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Servus from Innsbruck! Me as a guy from Hamburg, I’m better know as a so called Flachlandtiroler here. but: I love the mountains! Today I’ll show you that you can easily combine a city trip with outdoor adventures here in the city of Innsbruck. For this I meet up with locals who will show me their favorite spots. The first one to guide me is. Sabrina who asked me to meet her here at the Bergisel. Why? The Bergisel is a very important spot for ski jumping. This is why it’s one of the better known spots for foreigners who come to visit Innsbruck. Alright this is where we start our tour of Innsbruck then. Exactly. now we’ll fly down and show you around in the city center. Let’s go! Innsbruck is the capital of the region called “Tyrol” and is located in the western part of Austria.

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From Germany you have several connections via air. e. g. with AirBerlin and Lufthansa. Also the german/austrian railway operates a connection every h from Munich. As it is beautiful weather today we use the chance to discover the city. by bike! Furthermore I recommend using the Innsbruck Card for your trip as it includes admissions and the public transport. Our first stop has been the Hofburg, once the residence of the tyrolean representative. and the Hofkirche with it’s huge bronze statues. The landmark of Innsbruck is called the “Goldene Dachl” (golden roof) which is located in the beautiful old town. Now we are at the right spot to answer the question why Innsbruck is called Innsbruck!? That’s easy, let’s turn around: there is a bridge (german=Brücke). and the water. the river “Inn”. This sums up to Inns-Bruck the brige over the Inn river. This is also the coat of arms! Because of it’s location at the Brenner Innsbruck developed quickly to an importand trade center within the alps and became also a political and cultural center. With more than. students the city is also an important educational hub today. Now that we have been cycling around I became quite hungry. This is why we should have lunch now. This is what we call a “Jausen” here. For this tyrolean bacon is the best choice, as it is an important part of the local culture.

This is why we are at the Speckeria a true institution here in Innsbruck. Since more than years this family keeps the tradition and is considered one of the best places to go. The tyrolean bacon stays for around weeks in beech wood smoke and is stored afterwards for months up in the fresh mountain air. But now: let’s finally try it! Alright, let’s start cheers! After a short walk at the Hofgarten it was time to see the city from above by having a sundowner. What shouldn’t be missed in the evening? A decent tyrolean dish like the “Gröstl” and the warm Strudel we had at the restaurant Stiftskeller. After a good rest and a great breakfast I went up to the mountains on the following morning. From sunny Innsbruck into the winter! We collected some handmade ski from SpurArt which is a workshop for Skis down in the center. Everything is selfmade! My ski and mountain expert today is Lea. Lea asked me to join her her at the Seegrube/Nordkette. The Seegrube is one of my favorite spots in winter. Up here you have plenty of options: enjoying the sun, riding in the fun park. or at the slopes. or going for some freeride action. Furthermore we have an Iglu up here with some rocking Iglu-Parties in winter! You always find something cool to do. Behind us you’d normally see the city. But today we asked for snow because we want to show off our skills at the fun park! Let’s get the ski and show them what we have in stock! Now the next stunt: the big jump! We use the chance of heavy snowfall to focus on tasty food. like this Germknödel. Mjam! Altogether lifts offer the possibility of fun in the snow only minutes away from the city center of Innsbruck. Finally the sun came out now we can show you Innsbruck from up here! We are at. the. Hungerburg! This is where we also say goodbye and thank you to Lea & Sabrina. Make sure to visit this beautiful city in the future it’s worth it! Thanks for reading and see you soon. Tschüss! If you liked the post give us a thumbs up, comment and comment!

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