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Hey everybody.

So we’re just having a very very quick hotel breakfast. I’ve got or oatmeal however, you like to call it depending on what region of the world, you are from as well as. I’ve got some coffee I’m.

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And then there’s also like a meat cheese spread, but that’s not for me that’s dramatic simple oatmeal coffee. And breakfast is done as much time at lunchtime. And we are in a beautiful park here in Santiago, this is actually the park a full Forest Park e forest.

I don’t know if that’s the Acme of the park. I don’t know the name of park is, but, it’s Central Park right by the arctangent that is the Bella Ark Bella artist I’m. So so excited.

I didn’t know if. I was gonna be able to get one of these in my time here in Santiago or in all of South America plus. I found a vegan version of an empanada.

And now these are very common cheap easy street foods that, you can find everywhere it will love them here, but they’re normally filled with meats. And cheeses so I didn’t ever think I’d be able to tie one, but of course in the arts district in Santiago of course in the Arts District.

I would find a vegan empanada. So, this is kinda looks like, it’s like a breaded filled pastry, this is a big size, you can get like smaller sizes like this big. And Argentina they’re like this big what here.

I’ve got like a big size line. And let’s open it up, but look like since. I.

So this one is filled with mushrooms. And spinach and I think there might be a bit of soy cheese but.

I can’t believe any so I don’t think there is a cheese in this one. I think, it’s just mushrooms.

And spinach, but yum. I love fighting vegan versions of common foods in foreign countries that’s like my mission now that. I become vegan.

So how exciting a little bit of Spanish phrasebook translating. And alright. So freakin so.

I got a vegan lasagna Wow. I don’t even know what, this is, it’s mushroom sauce sauce. And maybe eight yeah it sound like an eggplant in it onion, it’s got some soy cheese.

And garnish this looks just absolutely beautiful. And incredible enough mating. And this lighting.

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