Paris France Top Things to Do Travel Guide

Bonjour, and welcome to Paris. As we all know, Paris is famous for cheese, chocolate, wine and bread. And of course the monuments like this behind us. I think we’re gonna have a great time here, Asha, but if we don’t go right now, we are gonna miss it. So let’s go! Everywhere you go, there is something to look at. It is stunningly beautiful. The Citroen Indy car ride is such a rush. We’re seeing all the major sites, Champs Elysees, Notre Dame, everything you could ever want to see, and you’re seeing it in style. Let’s go check out this thing. Eiffel Tower, baby! You have a view of everything.

Paris France Top Things to Do Travel Guide Photo Gallery

The church over there, Montemartre, the Seine River, the boat’s goin’ around, it’s a beautiful, clear day. Hello, hello. This is one of the most relaxing boat tours I’ve ever been on. And my favorite part was looking at all the people on the banks of the Seine River, drinking a bottle of wine, holding each other’s hands. There’s a lot of love in this city. I’m just outside Paris in Giverny, which is famous because Monet lived here, and I’m gonna go check out his gardens. I understand now why he was so inspired. These gardens are beautiful. I feel like I’m walking through one of his paintings.

I’m in the Garden of Versailles right now, and this place is gigantic. Riding a bike around Versailles is probably the best way to see it, because when you’re on a bike, you can actually go to all these hidden pockets and fountains. You can ride down the Grand Canal. Awesome. Do you smell that? You can’t smell it, but I can. I’m goin’ into a bakery to meet some people to show me how to make baguettes and pastries. And it is so incredible to read each one of these guys work their craft. And it does look like art. Art that you can eat is the best kind of art. Wine tasting techniques. Being at a French wine tasting when a sommelier is teaching me about the wine makes me feel much more empowered when I go to a restaurant now. I’ve never experienced something like Paradis Latin before. They’re colorful, they’re flying all over the stage, they’re kicking their legs into the air, and it’s such a spectacle to read. This place is classy, it’s romantic, and it is picturesque. It is everything I thought it would be, and I am gonna miss Paris. We are definitely coming back. Au revoire.

Paris Paradis Latin Dinner and Show

I am completely in awe, I mean, first reading this trapeze artist, probably 30 feet above the audience, he’s flying through the air, up to the ceilings, hanging by one arm, balancing by his feet. This is absolutely unbelievable… is swinging, and that row is for the VIP dinners. There’s a singer, there are dancers. There’s an acrobat, there’s a unicycle. I mean every kind of act that you could possibly imagine. They’re colorful, they’re flying all over the stage, they’re kicking their legs into the air, and it’s such a spectical to read. Figaro! The show is sexy, it’s fun, and with so many different kinds of performances, I can promise you, you will never ever be bored. It was a must see.

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