Phoenix Mesa Map

You are on some of the highest ground of Ashdown Forest Phoenix/Mesa Map , on a breezy open landscape with sweeping views over miles of countryside, partially wooded but also Phoenix/Mesa Map with many wide open spaces. It is tremendous walking, providing the weather is good, but in wet weather, especially walking into a southerly wind, this could be a real slog. Ignore two or three tracks branching off left, but in a little under a mile from the car park, you will reach a track going off left with a post inscribed WW.

This indicates the Wealdway, another long-distance path which is mercifully much better signposted than the Vanguard Way is (things may have improved by the time you read this book!). Turn left at the WW post to follow the Wealdway, which will be your companion for all but the final mile and a half of the journey. From this reassuringly wide track there are now tremendous views away to your left.

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