An Intro to Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. The Republic’ is steeped in rich history and lies in South East Asia. The weather is almost a perfect summer all year round, but there are definitely seasons. May and June tends to be the hottest months and cap around 91F, which can be pretty toasty. Singapore is around 1.5 degrees north of the equator and for a region so close to the earths middle line, it’s surprisingly not so hot all the time! You definitely get four seasons.

The language of the country is mainly split into four. English, Mandarin, Malay and Timil, but mostly everyone speaks English. So getting around and communicating is never really a prob-lem. In terms of population, Singapore’s numbers as of 2014 are around 5.4million – not huge for a larger republic, but not small either – it’s certainly comfortable and obviously doesn’t feel as dense as other Asian regions.

When most land in Singapore, the surprise of what awaits them can often be.surprising. It’s busting and bursting with technology, beautiful skylines and bright lights. Singapore is split, like most cities, into various districts, such as Orchard Street – a shoppers paradise. It stretches over 2.2km of pure Retail happiness. Whether you’re looking for a high street store, cinemas, bowling alleys, there is choice for every one and every budget. It really is the entertainment hub of Singapore.

Marina Bay is probably the most dazzling of Singapore and it’s skyline. You can take in a breathtaking view from the Sands Sky Park hotel, designed by the famous Moshe Safdie.

For a more historic look at Singapore – head over to the Civic District, where it all began.

Feel like relaxing or taking in some greenery? Singapore has over 300 parks and 63 islands that make up it’s Republic. It’s certainly not small. It’s is also surprisingly connected. One might think traveling to anywhere in the south regions of Asia that you may have to sacrifice certain pleasures and things we take for granted back home – however, Singapore has the highest internet speed amongst south Asian countries. Most hotels, stores and malls etc have free wifi also, which makes getting connected super simple, especially when traveling abroad and cell costs can be high.

The local currency is Singapore is SGD (Singapore Dollars) – but Brunei dollars are also a widely accepted coin. Eating out? Tipping is not custom, so America – put those dollars away. A funny tidbit for you – Singapore’s national anthem is printed on the back of the $1,000 note.

Back to eating out – Singapore has some of the most eclectic and wide variety of dishes around today. From Chilli crab, Fish Head Curry and Fried Carrot cake, the influence varies from east to west asian. You can easily spend $4 on a meal right up to $500, so plan accordingly.

Whilst traveling to Asia is generally considered easy on the wallet – it also has it’s expensive side. Saving money when traveling to this Mecca is imperative if you want to explore everything and do anything you want.

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However you get there and whatever you save, Singapore is one of the World’s most amazing destinations, that will send you home with some of the most amazing memories. Enjoy.

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