Planet Explorers Cruise Travel Tips in Disneyland

Don’t forget to take pictures!

Collect fun souvenirs along the way brochures, postcards, placemats, and coasters make great, inexpensive mementos. When you get home, you can glue them into a scrapblog.

Visit the Disney Cruise Line website before you go to learn as much as possible. That way, you won’t miss anything.

Make a plan to spend lots of time on the ship at Oceaneers Club or Oceaneers Lab so you get a chance to participate in all the cool activities there.

Remember a jacket… it can get cold at night, even in summer.

Pack comfortable shoes (at least two pairs). Awesome ports of call involve a lot of walking or hiking.

Notice the details. Disney put a lot of time and effort into building beautiful ships.

Planet Explorers Cruise Travel Tips in Disneyland Photo Gallery

Keep your eyes peeled for Characters. You never know who you might see when you least expect it!

Look for Hidden Mickey’s on board your ship. If you find some good ones, take a picture and send it to us at Your picture could appear in a future edition of this blog!

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