Play It Again Sports US Map & Phone & Address

Play It Again Sports US Map & Phone & Address

626 Washington Sl (Rte. 1), Dedham; (617) 320-8114

62 East Montvale Ave. Stoneham; (617) 438-2399

From humble beginnings in Minneapolis, this has grown into a national chain of some 400 stores all buying, selling, and trading new and used sports equipment. The merchandise gets swapped around between stores, ensuring a large, balanced selection in every store.

PIAS also gets good deals on new items that have been discontinued (but hey, how much can a football change?). Among these, Mine saw an Alpine Tracker exercise machine, reduced from $160 retail to a svelte $99.95. A pair of Ultra Wheels inline skates was $25 off at $150. And a Mizuno baseball mitt, worth over $100, was selling here for $59.

About 60% of the stock consists of used equipment. Seen recently were a boy’s mountain bike for $69.95, a pair of K2 downhill skis for $89.95, billiard cues from $11.95, and a set of Tommy Armour golf irons, valued at $1,000, selling for $399. Plus hockey sticks, basketballs, baseball bats, shoulder pads for linebackers of all ages, tennis racquets, and lots more. Best of all, you can trade in your old stuff toward anything in the store even new items. Open seven days, including Tuesdays and Thursdays until 9 P.M.

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