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1249 Commonwealth Ave Allston; (617) 782-9508 Burgers, burgers, burgers that’s pretty much the story at this college hangout. Oh, but what burgers twenty-two different kinds! The basic model, served with lettuce, tomato, and crisp, curly French fries, is $5.95. At the top of the line, just a dollar more, the choices are Mexican, with jalapeno peppers, salsa and a spicy cheese; or the Boston College, with turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese. And Mine loves the Brunch Burger topped with bacon and a fried egg. All of these are ten-ounce patties of fresh meat; even bigger than the half-pounders at most other reputable establishments.

There are other eats, but Mine always says Go with the house specialty.

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As they say, the rest is history. But back to the travel destination. Just before taking the pend out from Main Street, note another stone/ seat on the right, this inscribed ‘waters of the Garrel flow by blacken slopes’, (these words from local poet William Bell). Head off down the busy Auchinstarry road and cross, to go into the graveyard. On entering, note the unusual lamb sculptures on stones to left and right, memorials to young girls and a change from the ubiquitous draped urn, which is even present on a cast iron ‘stone’. There are also several interesting older stones (some lying flat), obviously the work of one mason, filled with symbols: trumpet, open blog, hourglass, shuttle, a ship under sail and topped by a winged spirit with angular wings. But the main fascination is the Kilsyth mausoleum: quite a story. The Livingston support for the Stewarts was to have a somewhat macabre outcome. The ill-fated Bonnie Dundee, who died in his moment of victory at the Battle of Killiecrankie (1689), had married Jean Cochrane, granddaughter of the Earl of Dundonald, who then, as his widow, married William Livingston (later Viscount Kilsyth) with whom she went into exile. On a visit to Rotterdam in 1695, the couple were making a goodnight visit to their infant, asleep with her nurse, when the roof fell in and all but Livingston were killed.

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