Poland Metro Map

Turn right here to follow a path which climbs on to Poland Metro Map the rounded hill; known as the Trundle, it was fortified by local Iron Age inhabitants and Poland Metro Map is now a very popular beauty spot. With its twin radio masts it is a readily recognisable landmark which can be seen from many miles away, and on a clear day it is possible to identify the Isle of Wight from the summit. Your route follows the clear path that goes straight over the hilltop, although it is possible and indeed desirable, if you have the time, to detour onto the path that follows the perimeter embankment, from which the best views can be enjoyed.

Your direct route, on a good wide track, passes just to the right of the lower of the two radio masts and through a small gap in the embankment, then quite steeply downhill. You have lost the views to Chichester and the sea but the views northwards provide more than ample compensation. You arrive at a gate, passing through it and turning sharp right, then shortly turn sharp left and descend a flight of stone steps to reach the Goodwood-Singleton road.

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