Today. I’m taking your cues. And giving, you aids, it’s a travel Q&A.

I have done one of these posts in a very long time. I basically want on all of my social media sites. And asked, you guys.

And gals your travel questions what questions would, you like me to answer and So that’s what. I’m going to go through today on my phone an answer is negative all Twitter adventurous Alexis asked what is the one thing, you wish, you brought on your last trip waterproof pants that was my Patagonia trip and I wish. I brought waterproof hiking pants. I just brought like jeans and I brought like under long johns by dint brining waterproof pants and I actually ended up buying a pair when we’re in poor to know talus that just kind of like the little town right before, you get into Torres del Paine National Park. So that was an inconvenience click probably paid far more for those pants than.

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I would have if. I just bought it at home before. I went.

So waterproof pants Charles McCool asks some convenient ways to wash clothes helpful for long-term travel. And packing light yes, you are going to wash in clothes when, you travel realistically should only ever have, but a week. And a half worth of clothes in your luggage at one time.

And then you’ll be doing laundry convenient ways to wash clothes is carry around little to go packages of laundry detergent. I always carry powder laundry detergent instead of liquid laundry detergent as liquid, it’s just like to predict Abul and I like powder lot better because, you can kind of squish it, it’s just a little bit more safer another option is like the little tide to go they have like little laundry packs and, you can wash in the sink.

I do a lot of sink laundry do a lot of bathtub laundry. I know it sounds gross, but, you got to do what, you got to do when, you are desperado. And running out of underwear.

And t-shirts this just is one wash anywhere any kind of washing, you can um sometimes took me a little bit tricky. I also make sure. I plan like where.

I’m going to be staying if. I’m staying in a hostel or hotel or wherever it is. I’m like do, you have laundry do, you have laundry facilities, it’s something that.

I actively look for when accommodations. I’m carrying laundry lines. I know some travelers carry like these detachable lines, you can attach to your room wherever, you are, you can hang laundry up to dry realistically, you want things that are easy to wash quick to dry there’s no really convenient way to wash laundry, you just just gotta get it done Sabrina Maria asked one place, you regret going um.

I don’t actually regret going to anywhere um there are certain places that. I didn’t particularly enjoy going to if. I would do it again.

I wouldn’t go the back but I don’t like to use the term regret because each experience each place. I go to is an opportunity to learn and I can always kind of see the little bits even if, it’s even if, it’s something that like. I’m like wow, this is really nothing special at all. I can see the little bits of good the little positive bits in each.

And every place that. I go so I don’t like using the word regret, it’s the same thing as like looking back on life is how, you like.

I wish. I did that or. I why didn’t.

I do this. I know, it’s a very negative thought process and I don’t like to think like that so.

I don’t really regret anything let’s do some instagrams Justin dental Frio asks after traveling to. So many countries have, you had a chance to travel domestically around your own country uh oh. I’m kind of a bad Canadian, it’s on my list it really really is to travel more around Canada.

I feel like some of my travel u.s. travel friends have traveled more of Canada than.

I’ve traveled in Canada but I think, it’s one of those things that. I know maybe some, you can relate to this.

So, you take your own country for granted because, it’s like they’re like Canada is always here for me my family is here all of my friends are here. So, it’s like. I can always travel around Canada whereas like the rest of the world is just this exotic destination that.

I kind of want to hit up like now if that makes sense. I feel like some of, you can relate so. I’ve kind of like saving Canada but.

I am trying to do more Canada because Canada is beautiful Cheyenne asks how much time would, you spend at home between traveling would, you travel consistently if you could there’s only a small small percentage of people that can travel full-time like actually full-time being a hunter percent nomadic. And living out of a backpack gets really really tiring it really truly does especially if you are working if you are making posts. And doing social as well that’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of traveling, it’s a lot of this.

And sometimes, you just need to like chill. And have downtime um. I have on.

And off years in my travel. I mean, I’ve been traveling full-time since 2010 essentially but.

I do years on. And years off even. I can get burnt out and I’ve talked about this before is that. I never want to experience travel barn out. And it really does happen when you’ve been go go go go go and, you start seeing everything.

And then everything starts to kind of feel the same like oh you’re going to another Museum where you’re seeing another mountains. And other monuments another this and, you never really want to get to that point because then you’re losing that spark that the beauty and, you kind of start taking things for granted and, you don’t appreciate where, you are and I never yeah.

I don’t like that. So, it’s a bad mind frame. I think.

I like the little bits of like okay travel for a while then stay put for a little while travel for a while then take what for a little while and I know a lot of travel bloggers that have been doing this for a long time are also kind of in that zig-zag pattern Kimberly Jade asks do, you need vaccines to travel how do, you know what vaccines, you might need well Kimberly yes, you do need vaccines to travel. I cannot tell, you which vaccines that, you need them because they are specific to the region that, you can be traveling that’s why, you have to go visit a thing called a travel vaccination clinic.

I guarantee, you there’s somebody somewhere in your town or country that does these there are certain standard vaccinations that, you get when, you first are traveling. So if you’ve never child before at all, you probably don’t have any of these vaccines. So, you need to get a bunch of shots they’re not fun they’re not an enjoyable experience.

And they are expensive, but once you’ve kind of got some of them you’re like set you’re good. And then you’re it just ain’t gots gonna do like little top ups depending on if you go to a different region basically mosquitoes are the worst things ever Tony Harland asks how did, you begin traveling alone. And what gave, you the confidence to do this um honestly my first trip traveling alone took me.

So long to like gather the confidence to do it to book a ticket to be like oh my gosh. I’m going to this country by myself because nobody else wants to go with me. I couldn’t offense um one else to go with me that first step booking your tickets packing your stuff making it on the plane getting off in the country getting to where, you are staying and I highly recommend staying in a hostel as soon as you’re at the hostel after like a day go to it go to an event. And just sit in the common area. And start introducing yourself to people once, you get to that point everything else is like the best thing ever you’re like oh my gosh this is.

So great why was. I ever worried about it it honestly truly is that first step the booking tickets sticking through with the ticket plan getting on the plane arriving to the destination. And then just starting the initial conversation a meeting.

And making friends Keeley’s, you leave asks do, you ever get anxiety from long flights if. So how do, you cure that. And what do, you do to prevent that Aang got anxious feeling um.

I don’t. I think it more. So comes down to the root of why you’re being anxious.

And why you’re getting anxiety from flying what is it that’s giving, you that that anxious feeling is it just the fact that you’re going to be in a confined space or you’re going to be up in the air or is it the feeling that the fact that, you are leaving your country. And we’re leaving your home. And you’re somewhere new.

And different. So if, it’s that then that’s not the fight you’re afraid of that’s just a destination that’s where you’re going traveling that’s a totally different thing. I mean.

I’m no like therapists or anything, but try. And figure out what exactly it is that you’re feeling anxious about on this long-haul flight. And maybe that’ll kind of help, you a bit more let’s move on to Facebook.

So this one’s from Facebook, it’s from Marie tailmon um do. I know any other languages uh no I’m, this is where. I’m an awful traveler um.

I learned the basics of any place that. I go to the hi hello thank, you how much where’s the toilets etc everywhere that. I go but.

I don’t really learn any of the languages language is something. I kind of struggle with. I’m not particularly good at, but, it’s something.

I want to improve. I did study French when I was in university everybody in Canada has to kind of study French so.

I know some of that and I’ve been practicing Spanish, but. I’m really not good at it.

So yeah that’s what a snapchat alright kay. So. I’m gonna try.

And do this bit. I don’t know how to record my snapchat. So bear with me what is your number one tip for avoiding jetlag uh sleep.

I mean really sleep as, you can as much as, you can jetlag, it’s probably gonna happen regardless of what, you do eat healthy just eat healthy that just helps with everything. I need do, you prefer hot countries or cold countries what’s the best country Beach Oh duh he’s very easy for me. I am a hot weather person.

I love hot weather a hundred percent over cold weather. I we rather be like sweating. And super super hot then cold anytime um which ones.

I prefer well if. I had to pick a cold country. I would definitely pick Switzerland it is freaking amazing, it’s one of my favorite countries ever.

And, it’s just. So so beautiful pick a hot country oh that’s a tough one that’s such a tough one. I haven’t really been to a lot of hot countries believe it or not come back to me.

I’m gonna get back to, you on this one about a hot countries Abby my name’s Lamia also a fellow traveler my question is are, you coming to Scandinavian Sweden in particular because if you do come to Malta I’ll meet, you there thank you so much for irritation oh my goodness um Wow uh. I have been to Scandinavia it was a long time ago in 2012.

I’ve been to Gothenburg and I’ve been to Stockholm. I’ve been to Stockholm.

I just went there briefly it was with Rick. I can take, you to earth. I did.

I really want to go travel more Scandinavia it looks absolutely amazing. So if I do I’ll let, you know hey.

So, you can see maybe. I’m on my bike um do, you have any tips for equipment with which to take your bike places hi Abby here’s a question. So what’s the longest road trip you’ve ever been on what are some tips that, you have about really long road trips cuz.

I don’t know if you can tell this book is, but, it’s like the Alaska Highway book yeah okay. So that was definitely a two-part question first part. I’ve never taken a bike anywhere traveling with me so.

I don’t really know what do, you on that front my longest road trip. I’ve ever taken. I’m guessing a tour trip doesn’t count um they would have to be specifically like in a vehicle.

I think maybe like a week or two. I haven’t really done any big road trips, but there’s definitely one plan though at the end of this year that. I’m super excited about there are koala bears.

And probably some of, you peeps are there, it’s still in the works, but that’s right ended this year. So that’s really going to be my longest road trip once that happens but I usually my road trips are like a day a couple days a week max.

I need one coming to Amsterdam again aah oh my god those amazing um uh. I don’t know. I need to do a big Europe trip again.

I know. I’m going to be in Germany later this year. and I’m probably going to be in London later this year, but. I’m not sure what Amsterdam sorry are, you really excited when oh wow um that’s really exciting actually my next destination is just in BC. I’m doing a little bit of travel around BC um.

So I’ll be taking lots of photos. And they’ll be cool stuff for my Instagram yeah. I mean.

I’ve got some bigger travel plans. And that. I’m currently working.

I mean the next two months are gonna be about conferences which is really not that exciting travel wise, but hopefully this summer. I’m gonna have some epic stuff for you. So, it’s in the works guys, it’s in the works remember downtime trout time downtime trout time, this is sue.

I’m wearing a map shirt that counts for something right oh, this is a really good one. I’m gonna try to get it to look like when, you travel. And come back home with all the things, you bought, you usually declare them or don’t even bother.

So there’s just a customs question thank, you for the technical thing yes. I always always declare my stuff um. So there is this TV show that is probably the most informative TV show that, you will ever watch, it’s called border security, it’s here in Canada.

I know there’s another one in Australia, it’s called border security. And basically, it’s a TV show about the TSA agents. And they really just declare your fruit declare your vegetables to clear your stuff because as long as, you declare it then, it’s up to them if you can bring it in or not.

So even if you’re unsure. I always declare because. I do not want to get fined and I do not want to get in trouble with the border for customs, it’s just not worth it especially if you’re a frequent traveler. So there, you go thank you so much for reading.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Q&A and I hope, you aren’t lofted and I’ve answered your questions if.

I haven’t though don’t worry because if you just. So happen to be going to VidCon. And in June in LA this year.

I’m going to be there. and I’m hosting a community panel Q & A that’s right, it’s going to be all your travel questions answered live at VidCon.

So if you are going to VidCon this year if you’re gonna be there come to my QA panel. And I’ll answer even more of your questions if. I didn’t get to them here.

And also meet up with, you guys. So yes alright thank you so much for reading and I will see, you guys again later happy travels bye. ?

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