Welcome to st. Petersburg Russia, you now exploring Russia’s second largest city, but, this is like the main square of st.

Petersburg it is absolutely gorgeous the Winter Palace or now known as the armitage museum for the Winter Palace from the 1760s onwards was the Dean mean of residence of the Russian Tsar’s this located on the Neva River, this is palaces where it makes sense right the squared which the palace is located pal square next up on our sightseeing tour of st. Petersburg is the church of the savior on spilled blood now the church of the savior on spilled blood was built between ET ET 3. And the 1907 it was on the site where emperor alexander ii was actually fatally wounded note to self significantly more people here that in moscow right now we are inside the church and I make which is super awesome because guys go in Russia is. So far as the church see cathedrals we’ve been to. I have not been able to film it is.


So beautiful inside the hard work again there’s. So many like entire. And gold and I was obviously one thing that. I’ve noticed here at Saint Petersburg which. I was finding that while we were in Moscow they weren’t really using a lot of blue is more like gold.

And red. And greens, but here. I was just saying how exciting it is that we can actually fill its in photos inside the cathedral because normally we can’t write Aires all tied up.

I already it is can now sightseeing today today. So we are going to be going through all the various canals because st. Petersburg is kind of like the Venice of Russia there’s a lot of canals there’s a lot of waterways.

And obviously they never River. So, this is our route we’re starting at the fabric a museum will be cutting up for here. And going through all the other sites that out toward the neva I’ll be sightseeing through here at Borah back to where we all in other words the hangers are easily nobody somewhere in Russia my friends summer in Russia we exploring peter.

And paul fortress today there is a lot of things to see. And do here. So we’re gonna kind of pick.

And choose some of them so I like to use the audio guide sometimes. And now it is raining.

So we are gonna go inside. And explore run the museum’s, it’s a model of the Alexander Alexandrov Spain next estate in Holland that saw it yesterday it seemed in the house square member is like huge columns is today, this is the model version that about how. And they actually erected and, this is how they took an hour up we are now learning about the way what’s the real winners both.

So to get from which we actually took. So, but for Moscow st. Petersburg, it’s a Commuter the high-speed train to get here, but it used to take four days together Bobby Newport then when they built the railway it took 18 hours.

And now with the high-speed train train that we actually took four hours well just under four hours, but now we’re talking, this is all about industry as false portraits Sarila like old-school engineer plan more plan good to know that they plan this stuff back. So we’re gonna try a little experiment tonight Oh a lot of walking today in st. Petersburg.

And we just kind of want to have like a hotel room late dinner got some vegan soup it looks like just plain vegetable soup you’re supposed to be able to cook it for 20 minutes now, you don’t have like anything to cook it with so I found this ice bucket, you guys can see this it is an ice bucket, but, it’s like stainless steel. So.

I’m gonna attempt to make soup in this. I don’t know what could possibly go wrong do, you think this suits gonna work out Matt is whoa. I’ve steamed up the camera all right 20 minutes later it actually worked this actually worked some hotel room ice bucket soup freeze oh yeah there’s like no salt in it but.

I still made soup in an ice bucket so I feel like that’s a hotel room back the peas are definitely kind of hard is quadrant we’re gonna be like exploring the various art exhibits there is a lot to see. And do here over three million right now oh my goodness there’s.

So many rooms there’s a child tip if you don’t know where you’re going inside of ECM follow the tour groups that you’re not part of because generally they have a sawed out route. And no we’re not all good stuffs are. So, you know what.

I feel like. I’m missing an eye like a gigantic painting of me riding horse to hang up my walls we’re still working our way to the museum we’ve done maybe a tenth maybe attended. I feel like, it’s more like one twentieth of the museum because.

I don’t think we’ve done a hundred rooms. So you’ve not done a hundred resumes fifty. And it just keeps.

I’ve never been in a place like this before Connect colonnade here in 1600 Jake, you can do it, you dip holidays or, you can be Zia which events to be in sight of the church once. I got hold of stairs. And that’s all we’re we’re tomorry.

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