Hey guys welcome to the Columban wildlife thank, you yeah, this is a hundred percent Australian animal sanctuary.

So all animals we are seeing here are Australian animals. And another really important thing is that they are it is a hundred percent non-profit organization meaning that all the money that, you spend in the park goes back into the park. And helping me.

THAT TIME I HELD A KOALA Australia Photo Gallery

I am going to hold the Colbert’s so cute our serious money on the train how would, you describe the texture of them. I’m cute.

And cuddly, it’s all like like a fur coat oh yeah what stood em Judicator in a while be it all comes down to fetch the size the larger species are known as kangaroos. And the smaller ones are called Wallabies there, you go the more, you know. I actually did not know that that’s really cool.

I don’t know if. I think, it’s off to the koala yeah top venture option in the koala oh my gosh little tickle everything mr. Tupman aww.

I want to see Tasmanian devil. I don’t know where it is gotta find it for gonna like spin out. And go yeah that’s exactly what.

I’m chef have, you ever seen the Looney Tunes yeah or is it either one on Cape higher where they haven’t seen on this cartoon squirrel. I’ve seen maybe oh oh oh that’s no, it’s not Louie tombs know there’s a Looney Tunes catch manian devil where it just spins around it comes up we roll is it sidekick no no yes buddy’s Looney Tunes you’re right on this Looney Tunes it is here where, it’s okay take care bears just care bears care bears just care bears yet welcome to cape byron yay yes we are at the most easterly point of australia here at Cape iron, but uh flight house not necessarily want to show, you what do. I show, you is this stunning view oh.

I Renee Hey oh look at that that is gorgeous. So we are spending the night down there a little backpackers by beach the awesome beach surf town guys right now. I’m byron bay beach yes three down by the beach now.

And everyone’s just chillin we’re having kind of a relaxing afternoon soaking in the Sun working on my tan. I don’t have any right now fish chips on the beach. So consider relaxing lazy today join.

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