Pushkar Camel Fair 2018 and Pushkar Lake Aarti Ceremony on Ghats steps India

Hey, want a selfie? Oops wants a bit more than a selfie. I’m down on the ghats in Pushkar, right in the middle of Pushkar you will find this lake, which again it’s a sacred lake, you bathe in it to get cleansed and the ghats although it’s quite small lake are all around this lake, it’s absolutely fantastic, as you can see the sun is setting behind me.

There’s such an almost celebration atmosphere, I don’t know if you can see what’s going on behind me over here, if not I’ll show you some footage. Look they’re making patterns out of flowers and coloured stuff, putting lights out all over this part here which I’m hoping is for the celebration later, which I will then share with you. It’s er what a lovely introduction to Pushkar, so gentle and beautiful, it’s Uhh people are friendly, the atmosphere is happy, nobody harasses you at all I mean I’ve been wandering around here there’s a few other tourists.

Pushkar Camel Fair 2018 and Pushkar Lake Aarti Ceremony on Ghats steps India Photo Gallery

Nobody asked me or bothered me for anything apart from reminding me to take my shoes off because nobody is wearing shoes down here; you’re not supposed to, sacred ground. So I’m gonna spend the evening here, enjoy the sunset and show you what happens. Alright, it’s absolutely beautiful down here, you see the lights behind me? Lights on the steps, the Aarti ceremony is taking place.

There’s all these beautiful drawings and designs and flowers with little fires beside them, Let me just give you a look around, real like party atmosphere, it’s really pleasant. Everybody busy admiring the art just seeing what’s there and still there’s somebody coming up, hey have a selfie with me, just busy looking around I mean just look at some of this, isn’t that fantastic? I watched them do this by hand to put it together piece by piece; it’s all coloured bits of sand. Morning, morning [bike driver] “morning”.

And I made it to the Pushkar fair, lots of things for sale, the usual things; snacks, teddy bears, earrings, cables, (no thank you), pictures, tattoos, henna, beads, pans, knives, patties you name it, it’s here. Now let’s go in and see what’s going on. whoa, wow and, camels, after all it is a camel fair.

What would it be like without camels? And this is the largest camel fair in the world and I think these are for camel rides where you can sit in the back of a luxury cart and have a camel pull you along which believe me is a lot comfortable than riding on a camel. Let’s have a look around, here we’re into camel dancing, oh that’s a pretty camel, alright who’s up next? Whoa , [local] , its beautiful hey, wow, look at that on the neck there, shaving the fur. [Local kid] “Hello”, thank you guys, [Local kid] “Thank you” [Live drums] And of course there’s horses for those who love horses, look at this beautiful white, white horses, wow, looking so beautiful.

Beautiful. Look at that, wow so well behaved, white, white these are the most sought after horses in India, you can see they are a special breed and they are white, white, white, the whiter the better a bit like how people want to be and you can see if you look at their ears, their ears are quite unique. You can see how their ears are turned in with that tip at the top.

Lots of beautiful spices, if you don’t know where I am, Pushkar fair [Live drum] There’s a lot going on, it’s quite fantastic as you can see lots of camels, it is after all a camel fair, at the moment we’re reading the camel dancing, there’s been a three legged race, there’s been a few parades but it’s getting quite hot, it sounds familiar doesn’t it? But yea, sun is blazing down, but as you can see lots of people, lots of camels, most have been very friendly and very well behaved, I’m not the greatest fan of camels but you know they do dress them up nicely and they’re doing some dances for us. Mixed reactions on how, what people think, they want to see it but they wonder how cruel it is. Not sure, if you know, let me know.

I’ll be back here this evening to show you what happens at night and first thing in the morning when apparently a lot of the real genuine traders come. At the moment the day stuff tends to be a bit touristy, so check back with you later as long as I don’t get eaten by a camel. Ok time to get a break and get a drink.

I am parched so gonna head over here and grab a coke, phew, seats in the shade, seats in the shade, let’s go in there. Whoa and I had a stop for a drink, very refreshing and much needed, and met a couple of local photographers who gave me some hints and tips, always great to have and what they told me, where I was this morning, where I was having a drink with them, a coke, I just hasten to add, uhhmm, was actually the fair ground, and where I needed to be was behind the fairground which is, well basically I’ll show you the footage, is where all the…. say hello to this camel.

Hi do you want a selfie? Oops he wanted a bit more than a selfie , have to be quick so its er, yes thankfully I didn’t get bitten by the camel, errm, which is where all the actual traders and the things going on, so I just had a little wander around there.

Most people are sleeping at the moment but there’s lots to see, so definitely on my list of places to come back this evening. There’s also the camel parade ground which also is not in the fairground, which is also somewhere behind here, so I’m going out to find that. I know it’s hot in the day, not to take photographs but have a look at it so I know where to go this evening.

Then I’m gonna come back, maybe o’clock-ish some time before sunset, now the tip they gave me that is really a good idea is to hire one of these camels, not to ride on a camel but hire the cart of the camel, who will then take a.. [Local woman] no thank you ermm, which will then take you all around the sites of the fair so you can actually find where everything is and photographs from the back of the cart, not riding on a camel.

Camels are very uncomfortable so that’s what I’m gonna do, in the meantime so many photo opportunities, I’m gonna run out SD cards and batteries, so it’s time to go back and recharge everything..

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