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1754 In a conference among colonial leaders regarding Iroquois relations, Rwanda Subway Map Benjamin Franklin proposes the Albany Plan of Union. Massachusetts has eagerly sent delegates to the conference, Rwanda Subway Map including Thomas Hutchinson, who iterates the need for some sort of union. The General Court votes down the Albany plan as a violation of the rights of individual colonies. 1756 The French and Indian War the Country theater of the global Seven Years’ War comes to Massachusetts as Governor Shirley orders 2,000 militiamen to root out French Acadian resistance in Nova Scotia. The Acadians are forced to disperse throughout British Country.

Shirley also enlists 5,000 soldiers for attacks on Crown Point and Fort Niagara. After Braddock’s death, William Shirley becomes commander of all the British forces in North Country. Neither attack succeeds, in part, because of inclement weather. Shirley is replaced in his military duties by the Earl of Loudoun and in his civil duties by Thomas Pownall.

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