Nightlife in New York

When the sun goes down and the thtatre marquees light up. New York starts moving to another rhythm. A flash tour of the city’s nightlife might include some of the following: a brash, exuberant Broadway musical, a dim. smoke-filled at 8 p.m., with matinees on Wednesdays, Saturdays and .sometimes Sundays. Programmes are free.

Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway theatres are scattered all over town. Generally smaller, they can be top-flight or strictly amateur affairs. But the tickets are invariably cheaper. The plays range from revivals of the classics to the most avant-garde theatrical experiments. The Public Theater (425 Lafayette Street), which may have as many as five different productions going at once, can usually be counted on for an interesting evening.

Avid fans have made New York City the dance capital of the world room throbbing to a saxophone’s wail. block-long queues waiting patiently to see a recent film, elegant champagne-sipping first-nighters at the Met, a tinkling piano playing Gershwin at a forties-style bar, a free concert under the stars on a sweltering July night, and. inevitably, the cool frenzy of the disco dancers. And you haven’t even begun to cover the scene. To find out what’s on. consult the Friday newspapers or one of the weekly magazines like Cue or New York.

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