Safest Beaches Around the World For Children

Summertime is the time to enjoy a few carefree, lazy months with the kids bonding with them over fun activities and creating happy, exciting memories that they will cherish forever.

Some of the most popular summer activities for children are going to the beach, having picnics, exploring new things and of course checking out amusement parks. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the safest beaches and amusements parks for children around the world, which offer a range of activities.

High on our list of suggestions is the Miami Seaquarium. Located in Florida, the Miami Seaquarium opened in the 1950’s and was known once upon a time as the largest marine life attraction in the world. More than half a century later, it continues to draw huge crowds every year. They have a wide range of sea animals from dolphins to sea lions to killer whales who enjoy entertaining the crowds with their daily shows. The famous Flipper from the 1960’s TV show is a resident dolphin Bebe, at the Seaquarium.

You can have a unique family adventure by going for a swim with the dolphins and seals or explore the underwater world by walking through a tropical reef and discover fascinating sea creatures. Miami Seaquarium tickets are reasonably priced and affordable, various packages are also offered for family outings and group programs. It’s a great place to on a family trip or school field trip.

If exotic is what you’re looking for then check out the Kama’ole Beach Park III which comes highly rated on Trip Advisorin Maui, Hawaii. This is not a resort and with it’s sparkling stretches of golden sand, and its clean and beautiful surroundings thisis an ideal place to spend the day with little kids and young children if you are vacationing in Hawaii. The water is so clear and pristine with very small and tame waves that fish, sea turtles and other sea creatures can be spotted through the water. Activities such as snorkeling arealso available and a great picnic area is found just nearby which is perfect for playing games, or napping or resting in the shade.

For European exotic, we recommend Crete, one of the largest and warmest Greek Islands, the warmth of summer often begins as early as May and stretches all the way to October which means you can easily pop over for a visit in the fall. Crete offers a wide range of diverse activities for families, couples and children. You can spend the day lying on endless stretches of sandy beach, relaxing in the sun or take a tour of the Old Town of Chania and discover neat historical things or take your kids to the AquaWorld Aquarium to visit with some snakes, turtles, fish, lizards and even alligators!

Last but not least, if you’re looking for an all-inclusive, child friendly resort, there is no better place than the world-renowned Disney’s Beach Club Resort. What child does not like being swept away in the magic of Disney? At Disney’s Beach club, the world of Walt Disney is combined with the simple pleasures of summer like going swimming, fishing or building sand castles on the beach. The resort boasts multiple swimming pools, waterslides and its very own waterpark,which children can enjoy till late at night. It also has many activities for parents and couples.

These are just a few suggestions among the dozens of beaches and resorts around the world, which make for fantastic family holidays. If the opportunity arises you should consider going to one of these places and checking it out for yourself!

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