Safety in Puerto Rico

According to the 2013 Crime in the United States, Puerto Rico has higher count of murder than other
famous states like New York and Chicago. Crimes in the island are mostly drug-related, while crimes
that may compromise tourist safety are rare and largely controlled by the police. Tourists need to be
mindful of their belongings though since theft is quite common especially in the populated areas.

Old San Juan has a rustic vibe to it, even for its shopping scene. To match its cobblestone streets and
grand colonial architecture, you would most likely find vintage items, jewelry stores and art galleries.
The stretch of Old San Juan is dotted by quaint cafes and restaurants to feed the tired shoppers.
But Old San Juan has its distinctive features makes the modern San Juan seem worlds apart. In Old
San Juan, you will find numerous vendors selling caretas, or grotesque masks made of papier-mch©.
These masks are typically made of half-animal, half-demon image that Puerto Ricans use during
festivals. The origins of the masks are still a subject for debate, but tourists will surely find them
intriguingly displayed along La Calle.

Due to the Puerto Rican’s Spanish roots, most of them are catholic and believe santos, figurines of
religious idols. The tradition of making santos goes as far back as the 16th century and has become a
booming trade over the years. It is unsurprising to find santos in every Puerto Rican home.
Lace is another product that’s close to Puerto Rican’s heart. Lace enthusiasts will find that Puerto
Rican lace has its own distinct characteristics. Lace was thought to be a dying tradition but since its
revival, the lace industry has boomed so fast. What makes lace in Puerto Rico so special is the fact
that these are exclusively manufactured and sold in the territory as well as in Spain. A good place to
shop for Puerto Rican lace is the Linen House.

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