Safety Tips For Traveling To Usa

Photography – countermeasures

• When using your camera remember that people may object to being photographed. Some people feel you are trivialising them. People may object for a variety of reasons,

• In some places your holiday snap photography may be viewed as espionage.

Before taking any pictures, ask your tour guide or the subject for permission. Most people know what a camera is, so even if you don’t speak each other’s language miming taking a picture with empty hands usually gets the message across.

✓ If in doubt, leave the lens cover on and buy a postcard.

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Safety Tips For Traveling To Usa Photo Gallery

Plan for an acclimatisation period

Depending on your destination, you may have to plan a period of acclimatisation into your itinerary, even when travelling within the UK. Taking a walking tour in the Lake District you may need a day to acclimatise and get the muscles working. If you don’t and overdo it on the first day you could spend the next week in bed wishing you had eased into it.

Similarly, when hitting the Caribbean after a UK winter of fog and rain, remember to wear a hat, a cotton top, apply copious amounts of sun block and ease yourself into the beach life (see sunburn and heat stroke, etc.).

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A day or two of acclimatisation is worth your time. Better that than hit the beach on day one then be repatriated by medical evacuation with first-degree sunburn two days later.

Anyone intending to visit mountainous regions will certainly need longer than a day or two to acclimatise to the altitude and reduced oxygen intake.

Remember, if you are planning anything that will physically and mentally stretch you, speak to your doctor first and heed their advice.

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