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To start off this adventure we flew across North America up. And over the big pond. And right into Heathrow Airport after the connecting flight in London.

I flew directly to Dublin Ireland wait that’s not Dublin, this is Dublin guys we just arrived, this is my second time here, but the very first time that. I’ve taken the vlog here. So.

I’m super excited to share this with, you. And, it’s all going to be shot in 4k aside from the slow-motion. I actually have done a Dublin tour before.

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I went through the Guinness Factory but I was probably about 13 years old when I was here last.

So the whole thing was a bit hazy to me not because of the Guinness because. I was young an exact time jumper fact missus yep, this is my home for the next week. I’m going to be sailing across Ireland with a ship by the name of the stand until it started off the pirate ship tour part of the tradition is regardless of whether you’ve been during the ship through the night.

We’ll be here on the deck at 8 a.m. in time to see the captain basically start off our day.

And give the captain goes through a little speech which sign and. I Russian. And then they raised this Russian flag and.

I could only find one person crazy enough to join me sign is actually like a big-time sailor. So for him, this is not completely new. I have never been sailing before.

So, it’s going to be a huge experience. I think for the both of us have, you ever been on a bioship. I’ve never been in a power trip before.

I’ve sailed a lot of smaller boat beans. And up to 30 feet, but nothing to say. So this right here is the wheels just as, it’s on movies and, you got a compass here to let, you know which way is north east.

And we’ve this here is the captains quarters. So a good spot for meetings or there’s a control room here. So if you ever have to make an emergency call all the electronics are here we’re not a completely post pirate ship, but it does feel like it.

So let’s head upstairs now. I’ve been waiting to say this one we are currently standing on the poop deck since right here is the main-deck virus the whole. So one of the full timers here on the boat is that’s got here we’ve got some name, but nobody knows that literally different like yeah we don’t know they raise it here.

So everything looks like really overwhelming when you’re new to this, but we actually got a bit of a briefing on how these ropes work how to tie them what they control. And by no means do. I understand it fully, but it makes a lot more sense than.

I would have expected basically to tie things, you go zero eight zero eight we got that thing on speed dial just constantly in zero way through oh wait. I did it wrong if your crews are broken down into three groups. And every day, you rotate today we are the deckhands yep.

So our job was to basically swab the deck we’ve soaked through the amounts of fire hose we took a brush to clean it. And then we squeegeed it completely dry by pushing the water into the sides where the drains are, this is the pull anchor thing. So basically, you pop some wood pieces in here and, you can like push the anchor down or we rocked it.

And now to the front of the ship that is the front of the ship who you’re in the crow’s nest. And view is spectacular we’re going to be going up there later I’ll bring the GoPro. And the Windex the ship is friggin awesome, but the coolest thing about it is actually the story.

And the captain behind it like each of the pieces of wood, you see here were cut down with a chainsaw by the captain, this is a labor of love, you know, this is his passion project. And he put his dream into words. And his words into a ship another day on the Sun dart burning Sasha happy what’s lacking.

I will now show, you the living quarters for all the magic apples. So there are two main forms of accommodations here. And the first is what, you see in a movie, you got the hammocks here.

And what’s great about the hammocks is that they actually kind of like stabilize, you as the ship is swaying back. And forth we’re not staying in a hammock. So I’ll show, you what’s downstairs, you got the dining area hey Capitan morning good people clean and, this is home sweet home right here son show us around give us the toilet crib well my VAD very clean suspicious man the time of space especially now here detective.

And the period well lots of university love drugs who shares an opportunity so. I got about maybe is foot-and-a-half which is plenty of funny thing we have by far the most happening place on the entire ship going on here because think is right next to our vet. And between the two bathrooms there’s no sink in there once you’re done go to the bathroom, you pretty much come right here to either brush your teeth or wash your hands.

So we got lots of visitors there’s three other people in there. And like a cool bench right here everything is nice. And cozy kitchen people getting come just leesneed cool let’s watch your growth on Dylan Leigha.

I’ve talked a lot of people on board. And majority of them have been on the standart at least once before. And for me that raised the question, you know why are these people volunteering their time.

And even paying to be on a boat where they’re made to work through the night where they’re made the cooking clean for others. And that question is probably not one. I can answer right now, but, it’s one that each time.

I’ve asked two people, you know why are, you besides for the weather well we’re in Ireland, you really can’t expect too much, but it has been just like constant drizzle, it’s been really damp. And, it’s really cold, it’s June right now. And, it’s probably been around 10 to 12 degrees with constant rain.

I’m hoping for some better weather, but at least we have plenty of wind to go around sailing will not be an issue hey guys it is currently 1:55 a.m.

And sine and. I are out here on the deck reading the ship no matter where you’re at if you’re parked in the harbor or if you’re out of sea there is always somebody on the boat making sure things are tip-top, you know it builds character other parents would say we’ve been given the slot of from 0 to 4 a.m.

. So we’re going to be starting at midnight every night let’s just say, it’s going to be an interesting experience, this is the start of, you know she asleep really do, you all know that yeah this idea that’s the hand of going in maybe the right now. So.

I’m going to bed now need some sleep after one hours rest last night. And guys remember to hit that Bell button if you did make sure to comment down below that you’re part of the notification crew let’s get lost again in the next one, you. ?

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