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You climb quite steeply through a field, and at the San Jose Metro Map top you will enjoy a fine view to the right, with the buildings of Clapham Barn to San Jose Metro Map the left. Continue along the South Downs Way, swinging slightly west of south, following the left-hand side of a hedgerow on what is quite a rough grassy path. Ahead of you are the trees of Friston Forest.

Now you begin to descend, dropping quite steeply to a T-junction of paths, meeting a wider track at the foot of the hill, with steep wooded hills rising up in front of you. Turn left onto the wider track. To your right here is Charleston Manor, which has its origins in Norman times – it is believed to have been built for the cupbearer of William the Conqueror – and retains some Norman features although it has been added to over the years.

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