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NEGREIRA’S haphazard development belies its early foundations. The coat of antis on the Town Hall attests to the legend of the destruction of the bridge over the rio Tambre thus preserving the disciples and message of St. James. The courtyard has an attractive fountain with another coat of arms over the entrance. The council staff are most helpful. The town has a resident population of 6.000 which supports a variety of shops, banks, bars and restaurants.

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N.B. There are effectively no shops and only very basic bars along the route tomorrow and part of the following day as well. Do not expect a hot meal or shops until you reach Cee 52.5 kilometres away. Stock up with supplies before the shops close as you will need to leave early in the morning. The new hostal at Olveiroa thankfully offers a welcome break. Other options are also available, off the route, in Pino do Val and A Picota (see map). In between, you may need to fall back onto trust. Like the proverbial son. a humble stable and straw bed might provide your only option. Early to bed and early to rise should be your motto in Negreira. Mindful on the morrow that:

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

The Practical Path: This is a long day but thankfully little of it on busy mail roads. During the past few years delightful new stretches of forest paths have beei opened up thus reducing the amount of time spent on these minor roads to almos half. However 55% is still via these roads, so be prepared for the hard asphal surface underfoot. Bars and Cafes are few and far between and, apart from thi possibility of sopa y bocadillos at Victoriano’s, food is generally not available Stock up with supplies (fruit/ bread/cheese/water) before leaving Negreira.

The Mystical Path: We generally experience death and dying as unwelcomt visitors. Yet to be born anew we must first allow our old. outworn perception die. Over identification with out physical bodies limits our understanding oi who we really are and induces fear. We need to let go of many of our old ant cherished beliefs in order that we can become part of the New. A strong hear helps us climb the mountains of life and lifts us out of the mundane world.

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