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PONTE OLVE1RA / XALLAS Here you cross a stone bridge over the no Xallas into the Concello de Dumbria. You are now back on the main road (CP-3404) and after [1.3 km] pass sign (right) for Olveira (not OlveirOa) / Baifias (see Detour). A further [200m] to: Olveiroa / km marker PK 22. Take the slip road opposite on your Left. After [500m] turn off Right directly to:

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ALBKRGUE OLVEIROA @ One of the most inspirim hostals in Galicia. Newly and imaginatively reconstructed from village houses on either side of a quiet lane way away from the main road. 30 + bed spaces on two floors with separate accommodation for the infirm and also stabling for horses.

Ample modern hot showers.

Ground floor reception room, kitchen, dining room, clothes washing area. Charge: by donation. Exceptionally well reconstructed. Lets hope that ongoing arrangements have been made to maintain it in its pristine condition. Rebuilt by local government and administered by the municipal authority.

It the albergue is closed, try Bar O’Muifieiro on the main road for keys. It is situated 400m back through the village. No food at time of writing but this is likely to change with demand.

Opposite the access road to the albergue is a village triangle with a collection of interesting horreos. Just beyond these is the parochial church of Santiago with a statue of the Saint above the door.

Before the building of the new refugio at Olveirc a there were several semi abandoned houses given over to pilgrim use by sympathetic families in the area. This tradition of hospitality continue .. If you find yourself unable to reach officii I albergues, ask if you can use an outbuilding for shelter, careful to respect the answer!

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