Seattle Seaplane Flight from Lake Union

Seattle’s beauty can be explored not only by land and sea but also by sky. Today we are taking off in a seaplane to see Seattle from above. We’re in the plane and ready for take off. This is amazing, we’re flying over Lake Union. Oh, the bridge. How about that view. It’s actually very nice to see Seattle from up top. You don’t get to see it that often and even prettier than it seems from the ground.

Seattle Seaplane Flight from Lake Union Photo Gallery

We’re flying over the downtown core, you can see Space Needle soaring above the rest of the buildings. Puget Sound. This is extraordinary. My favorite part was to go over the UW Stadium. I’ve seen it many times before but to see if from the top, very pretty. Very, very pretty. This is the perfect time of day to be taking this flight because the sun is shining so golden on the rest of the city. We are coming in for landing. Woah, that was so exhilarating. There’s something truly unique about seeing a place not only from up above, but in a seaplane.

This has been such a day.

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