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So, without too much trouble we have identified a minimum of one hundred people who know that you will be out of the country for two weekstarting on the 14th. Are you happy with that?

You aren’t planning a military incursion into enemy territory, but it would be a shame it your home waburgled because you couldn’t help showing off a little by telling MrBigginabout your holiday. I don’t suggest that everyone ia criminal waiting for you to say when and where you are going on holiday, I am just illustrating the point that your holiday absence inot exactly a closely guarded secret.

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When you speak to neighbourand friendyou don’t know who else ilistening. Talk to someone on the buand perhapthere ia prolific burglar sitting behind you. Hearing what you say, he getoff the buand followyou home. Now he knowwhere you live and he knowthat you will be away for two weekstarting on the 14th. He knowthat you will be in Barbadoand that you live in the really nice house he followed you to, so he thinkit will definitely be well worth him coming back on the 16th. Ithat good?

When the taxi cometo collect you and take you to the airport, you quite happily say to thistrange man. ‘Take uto Terminal Four and then collect uagain from the Vancouver flight that landat Heathrow at 19:35 on the 29th.’ Are you happy that you just told a stranger that your house iempty until then?

It iincredibly easy for information about your holiday absence to get into the wrong hands, but what can you do about it?

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Information – countermeasures

Limit the number of people who know about your holiday. There will be plenty of boasting time when you come back with stackof holiday snapand that straw donkey!

If possible, get a relative to take you to the airport and collect you again on your return, then you won’t have to tell any taxi drivers.

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