Are You Using the Connotate Platform? How Can You Get the Most Out of Big Data?

If you are using the Connotate platform, or are at least considering it, you need to know how to make use of big data analytics. Big data accumulates at a very high speed and ages almost as quickly. It means that the analytic insights you receive can improve your company’s performance to the extent that they can be brought into your daily operations. Luckily, platforms such as Connotate make it easy to filter through the information, as it combines advanced machine learning with a visual approach. Everything is done in a scalable manner.

Here are some tips:

Focus on problem-solving.

Every business has problems, and the only way to overcome these challenges is to identify them and extract data that is relevant to solving them. For instance, if your social media strategy doesn’t seem t be working, perhaps you should use the web extractor tools to uncover trends, such as popular keywords and gifts used by your targeted demographic. Maybe you are wasting too much time on a particular social media platform when your type of organization and industry would be better suited for another platform.

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Select a deployment option that is most beneficial to your organization.

Smaller businesses might not have the infrastructure (hardware, personnel, etc…) required for on-premise deployment. Additional options include cloud-based deployment and managed data services. The former gives you the flexibility to create your website extraction agent without having to set up and maintain the hardware. If you lack both the infrastructure and knowledge, you might want to stick with managed data services.

Look for correlations.

Measure direct response across channels to find out which actions are being performed by a particular type of consumer. Whenever your business takes an appropriate action, what is the reaction for that action? Who, exactly, is responding to it? Which actions have an impact on sales? What drives consumer demand? Use big data to help you uncover metrics that directly display ROI and cost-per-acquisition.
Always work with clean data.

If you want to make sense of the output, be careful with the input. The insights you obtain through the big data will be useless if the underlying data isn’t well-organized. Only work with data that has been carefully examined and organized by experts. As mentioned above, create each web extraction agent based on a particular problem faced by your organization.

Keep these guidelines in mind when working with big data. It’s in your best interest to generate and store as much useful data as possible as it relates to every aspect of your company.

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