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The Quick Queue system is important to understand before you start your SeaWorld adventure. Basically, a Quick Queue Pass allows you to ride Manta, Kraken, Journey to Atlantis, Wild Arctic Ride and Skytower without having to wait in line. To get a pass, you have to pay extra when you get your park admission ticket. There are two levels of Quick Queue passes; one is unlimited and the other is good for a single ride with no wait on each of the popular listed attractions.

Sometimes you only have one day (or less) to see everything a park has to offer. The tips page gives you a plan for seeing as many top attractions in the shortest amount of time possible. Keep in mind these plans are ambitious. You might need to take some breaks during the day to give your grown-ups a rest!

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Some SeaWorld Orlando attractions have height requirements. This means guests have to be a certain number of inches tall in order to ride. When this is the case, there will be a number after the ride that looks something like this: 40”. That means you have to be at least 40 inches tall to ride.


Are you hungry? Of course you are. Running around SeaWorld Orlando takes a lot of energy, and that requires a lot of snacks. At the end of each section, look for a short description of the restaurants and food available. Tell your grown-ups there is an “All-Day Dining Deal” they might want to learn more about before your visit.

and be their Cove.

The History of SeaWorld

1964 Four UCLA graduates opened SeaWorld San Diego with a few dolphins and sea lions. The small 22 acre park welcomed 400,000 guests in its first year and was such a big success that a second location was planned.

1970 SeaWorld opened a second park in Aurora, Ohio. It closed in 2004.

1973 SeaWorld Orlando opened in Florida.

1988 SeaWorld San Antonio opened in Texas.

1989 Anheuser-Busch Company purchased the SeaWorld parks and refurbished them 2000 Discovery Cove opened in Florida next to SeaWorld Orlando.

2008 Aquatica water park opened in Florida next to SeaWorld Orlando.


SeaWorld Orlando receives over 5 million guests per year and is the ninth-most visited park in America.

SeaWorld Orlando Rides

What are the rides here?

1. Kraken is a floorless roller coaster themed around the legend of the Kraken sea monster. It carries four riders side-by-side and has an on-ride camera, a 119-foot loop, several roll inversions and a flat spin. It is built over Serpent’s Lagoon, which is full of live eels. A, T, S, 54”

2. You’ll like Journey to Atlantis, a boat ride themed around the lost ancient city of Atlantis. It’s a combination dark ride flume and roller coaster that takes you through a sunken city and down a thrilling plunge. A, T, W, 42”. You must be 48” tall to ride without an adult.

3. Wild Arctic Ride is a flight simulator ride that takes you through the icy frozen tundra of the Arctic. You’ll see polar bears, beluga whales, and walruses on this fun and thrilling adventure. A, T, 42”

4. Manta is a flying roller coaster, which means the seats rotate horizontally to make you feel like you’re flying. It has four inversions and riders come within two and a half feet of a gushing waterfall. It will feel like you’re skimming the surface of the lagoon as you take this smooth and thrilling ride. A, T, S, 54”

5. Don’t miss Shamu’s Happy Harbor, full of rides and activities for kids. Jazzy Jellies is a balloon tower-style ride that lifts and spins riders up to 30 feet off the ground. You control how high you go! 42” Have some energy? Check out Net Climb, which consists of four stories of nets linked together through tunnels and slides. Fun! Ocean Commotion is a 19-foot tub boat ride that rocks back-and-forth and side-to-side. 42”.

Sea Carousel is a classic carousel ride with a marine theme and a 45-foot pink octopus on top. Not quite ready for Kraken or Manta? No worries, Shamu Express is just the ride for you. This junior roller coaster has smaller turns and drops but is still lots of fun! 38” Swishy Fishes is a spinning teacups-style ride themed around fish. Finally, The Flying Fiddler lifts riders 20 feet in the air and hops you down with short drops.

6. Look for the Arcade and Games area near the Shamu’s Happy Harbor section of the park for some Skee-BalL squirt gun games, pinball, and driving simulators.

7. Paddle Boats are perfect if you want to tour SeaWorld’s large central lagoon at your own speed. These flamingo-themed boats cost a little extra.

8. Skytower is a rotating Gyro tower that goes 400 feet up into the air. It was built in 1973 when SeaWorld Orlando first opened. It is the tallest ride in the park. A, 48,” or accompanied by someone at least 14 years of age.

SeaWorld Orlando Rides Fun Facts!

Manta has a track length of 3,350 feet and a maximum height of 140 feet (fourteen stories). It reaches a top speed of 56 miles per hour.

To build Manta, 2,772,600 pounds of steel and 12,186 bolts were used. The Manta track was built in Ohio and trucked to SeaWorld in semi-trucks.

Kraken is the second longest roller coaster in Florida after Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Kraken reaches speeds of 65 miles per hour and is 149 feet tall (just two feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor). The ride is just over 2 minutes long.

Shamu Express has an 800-foot-long track and reaches speeds of 28 miles per hour.

215 trees were replanted in other areas of the park when Manta was being built.

The coral reef inside the Manta Aquarium was grown on-site.

There are plans to open an elaborate new ride and realm inside SeaWorld Orlando in 2013 called Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. It will include a ride, a penguin habitat, and 55-foot ice towers. Cool!


The slogan of SeaWorld Orlando is “As real as it gets.

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