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Three Gorges Dam

Construction of the Three Gorges Dam began in 1994, and the main work was completed by 2008. The dam is more than 600 feet (180 meters) high and about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) wide. The dam was designed to prevent floods downstream, to provide an important source of electricity to meet growing demands, and to improve navigation on the Yangtze River. However, the dam would have to create a reservoir that would flood hundreds of towns and villages in Hubei and Sichuan provinces.

As a result, 1.3 million people had to be relocated before the dam was finished of Tibet. The river begins its course flowing east through a shallow valley. It winds its way south down snow-covered mountain peaks that are cut with gorges.

For several hundred miles, the Yangtze flows southeast, then it turns northeast. In this part of its course, the river flows in rushing rapids. It receives water from many tributaries, including the Yalong, Min, Jialing, and Wu rivers. Beyond Chongqing, the river continues northeast and then drops through the Three Gorges Qutang Xia, Wu Xia, and Xiling Xia.

The Three Gorges Dam is near the city of Yichang.

Serra was legendary for his cruelty, not only to native people, but also to himself. Shenyang Metro MapHe believed in a severe form of Christianity: he wore coarse shirts with bits of metal that irritated his skin, flogged himself until he drew blood, burned himself with a candle, and insisted on walking everywhere, aggravating his ulcerous legs. As if these self-inflicted punishments were not enough, Serra also suffered from asthma and generally poor health. Serra, like other Spanish colonizers before him, failed to grasp the subtleties of native culture, especially concerning the importance of gifts and reciprocity. Serra insisted on intimidating native people to bring them into line with the new mission order. He relied on heavy-handed tactics such as whippings, burnings, and executions to achieve his goals. In 1775, some Ipais repaid Serra’s cruelty by killing their priest at San Diego and burning the mission. Other native communities followed suit. The second half of the eighteenth century witnessed a conflict between secular and religious forces over which group would control Spanish colonization. At the time, Spain was engaged in a massive overhaul of its colonial empire, known as the Bourbon reforms. California, which was becoming a financial liability, was an experiment in a new form of colonization that combined Spanish settlements with missions and native communities. (Earlier efforts generally segregated the Spanish and Native Countrys.)

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