ENGLISH LANGUAGE NEWSPAPERS With a hat tip to the publisher of this book, the most popular English language website for keeping up-to-date with Shenzhen’s social scene, particularly nightlife. has extensive listings of restaurants, bars and hotels and events are often aimed at a young crowd seeking the latest in music and clubbing. See beginning of book for QR code, or visit the site and sign-up for a newsletter to keep abreast of all the events happening in Shenzhen.

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Season tickets are available anyone who is likely to use the launching site more than about ten times and this will save a lot of money over the season, but the price of these has also spiralled. Local bye-laws prohibit four-wheel vehicles on the beach and there is a six-knot speed limit in the harbour and beach area. Season tickets are also available for Berwick area car parks, covering all the public car parks from Beadnell to Berwick and allowing another good saving. There are two drawbacks to launching from Beadnell rather than Seahouses, but they are still both worth it in the end: The distance involved adds an extra six miles to the return journey to the Farne Islands During strong southeast winds there can be a few rollers breaking in the bay, making it difficult to get the boat back onto the trailer. Beadnell, though, has the only west-facing harbour on the east coast and it usually gives excellent shelter in most weather During thick fog and occasionally on stormy days the launch site may be closed on advice from HM Coastguard Going straight on at the fork in the road will take you past a lot of mostly holiday homes and down to the picturesque little harbour, with ancient lime kilns towering above it and where a few local fishing cobles are still in use. on the way down to the harbour, a telephone box stands on the left-hand side of the road and here a pathway leads onto the 500-metre long wedge-shaped reef called Beadnell Point. The Point is an excellent shore dive for both novice and experienced divers, but it entails a long hike lugging diving gear. Unfortunately there are also double yellow lines on both sides of the road and the nearest car park is 500 metres away, over the beach. The easiest way is to take the car and drop the equipment off at the telephone box, leaving someone with it, and then return the car to the public car park. on the south side of Beadnell Point the reef slopes down to the water and three excellent reefs of three or four metres run parallel with it, well within swimming distance.

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