SKYDIVE THE GOLD COAST Surfers Paradise Australia

Hey guys what’s up.

So right now. I’m in Surfers Paradise on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia take a look guys. So we’re here the beach well static oh the beach because.

I love to do skydiving yes. And we’re going to be doing it more Oh first there please forgive me. I’m also loosing my voice.

SKYDIVE THE GOLD COAST Surfers Paradise Australia Photo Gallery

I’ve gotten sick. I’m losing my voice. So a nice like that kind of fun she’s applying hey, you feelin.

I am feeling amazing, this is my second time. I know, it’s dark. So baby good beautiful.

I have the Magnificent ghost story at all now cuz. I know what taste it should be. I know what.

I’m like. So good luck haha what’s fatally Jody house yeah put your head back. And then start praying cuz.

I’m gonna put, you out ah yeah do a trainer on me we’re gonna get the right person hey leg well done give me Bob how’s that love is a thank you so much would, you do it again Oh course what are we riding bullets oh yeah, it’s one more thing we gonna do cuz of a goodbye he come the other guys check him out because there’s lots of vegetation that lands on the ground. And, it’s slowly breaking down putting lots of nutrients in school we’ve got really high concentration of nutrients supply up to the upper levels of the soil.

So a lot of trees grow in shallow root systems in the rain go go go jab that was awesome you. ?

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