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St. Louis Subway Map To Charlotte


Hermitage Rd. and Hermitage Ct.

The neighborhood of Hermitage Court is set on the site of a former cotton plantation that was once owned by the Myers family. Landscape architect John Nolen wanted to set the new development apart from the surrounding neighborhood, so he designed two massive stone gates that were installed at the entrance to the development in 1912. The granite and mortar gates were inscribed with the words Ye Weste Gayte and Ye Easte Gayte and modeled after the gates at the entrance to president Andrew Jackson’s former home in Nashville. According to an article published in the Charlotte Observer on March 21, 1912 It [was] believed by the developers these gateways [would] lend a ton of exclusiveness to the suburb … The developer, F. M. Simmons, was so taken with the neighborhood that he built himself a home at 625 Hermitage Court; it is one of the oldest existing homes in Myers Park.

Names, Duties and Rights of War Chiefs 36. The St. Louis Subway Map title names of the Chief Confederate Lords’ War Chiefs shall be: Ayonwaehs, War Chief under St. Louis Subway Map Lord Takarihoken (Mohawk) Kahonwahdironh, War Chief under Lord Odatshedeh (Oneida) Ayendes, War Chief under Lord Adodarhoh (Onondaga) Wenenhs, War Chief under Lord Dekaenyonh (Cayuga) Shoneradowaneh, War Chief under Lord Skanyadariyo (Seneca) The women heirs of each head Lord’s title shall be the heirs of the War Chief’s title of their respective Lord. The War Chiefs shall be selected from the eligible sons of the female families holding the head Lordship titles. 37. There shall be one War Chief for each Nation and their duties shall be to carry messages for their Lords and to take up the arms of war in case of emergency. They shall not participate in the proceedings of the Confederate Council but shall watch its progress and in case of an erroneous action by a Lord they shall receive the complaints of the people and convey the warnings of the women to him. The people who wish to convey messages to the Lords in the Confederate Council shall do so through the War Chief of their Nation. It shall ever be his duty to lay the cases, questions and propositions of the people before the Confederate Council.

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