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Traveling through the lodge, Scott mentioned various areas where paranormal activity seems to exist. He told us reports have come from just about everywhere. People hear footsteps and voices in the halls and rooms. Light turn on and off. Shadows are seen throughout the cabin.

Lost Lake also seems to have ghostly activity. Scott was referring to a couple of things. The first revolves around the lady of the lake. There is a story about a group of people, including a mother and her son who were boating one day. Suddenly the boy fell in the water. Frantic, the woman jumped in to save her son. She searched and searched but couldn’t find him. Tragically, mother and son died. Now, at night people claim to hear the woman searching for her son.

What lives have been lost in the lake?

The other story is strangely fascinating. Harry would get a new company car every year. That’s not unusual, but the bizarre thing is the special ritual he went through with the old car. The doors were welded shut; the vehicle was riddled with bullets and then dumped in the lake. Curiosity seekers have discovered four cars and there may be more still undiscovered in the silt clouded waters.

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