Tashkent Subway Map

It is said that a young man who worked in a Tashkent Subway Map florist’s would bring flowers to his mother who worked here. When he announced his engagement Tashkent Subway Map to a local girl, the news so displeased his boss that he strangled him. The young man himself has been seen in the shop; he wears a sports jacket, is blessed with a head of fair hair, and has a favourite chair in which he sits.

A Free Church used to stand on the corner of Meeting House Lane and Union Street, which was converted into a pub called the Font & Firkin. During the conversion, work tools had a habit of moving themselves from one place to another, and in 1995 a barmaid saw a ghostly woman with a grey shawl over her head. Opposite the pub in Selby’s Jewellers there have been reports as recently as the mid90s of mysterious falling of plates from their wall fittings, the shattering of a glass door, and an exploding bottle of Coca-Cola.

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