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In this chapter, you will learn about Haiti’s people. Tehran Map Tourist Attractions It begins with a look at the country’s demographics (demography is the science that studies population statistics Tehran Map Tourist Attractions ) and settlement (where people live). You also will learn about who the people are in terms of their racial ancestry and ethnicity. Finally, you will find out what the Haitians are like in terms of basic aspects of their culture (way of life). POPULATION There are two very important things to keep in mind as you read the sections of this chapter devoted to population and settlement. First, in a poor country such as Haiti, census data, at best, are little more than estimates.

Several weeks later we had gone through everything more than once, as did Hauntings Paranormal Research. Parts of the investigation produced disappointing results. Then again, some of the evidence gave us chills. Video and photographs produced nothing but audio was a different matter.

In Grandma [Helen] Doherty’s room nothing was captured and that was a little disappointing. Either she wasn’t there or just didn’t want to talk to us that night. Also, the elevator in the lobby never moved on its own and no electronic voice phenomena (EVP) were recorded.

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