The Mighty Mekong – Mekong Delta Vietnam

Sit down welcome to Vietnam, you like my hat. I thought it might move my outfit quite well this actually sounds really funny when, you talk, but yes guys you’re in Vietnam it was weird to be here for about 10 days.

The Mighty Mekong – Mekong Delta Vietnam Photo Gallery

And first up is a lovely cruise in the Mekong Delta to go check out the floating markets 20%. And 10% of sugar we cook in 15 minutes to college the coconut coconut the top date for making the coconut candy flavor of the coconut coffee even then it tastes like caramel, but now many rice paper in oversea from the Asian market actually the, you machine for making this not really harm a. And they mix with your wit.

So not really hungry, but saying natural rice here let’s see how makes 100% natural rice different scandal here different we can stream it the detainer we reuse the same. And, it’s gotten bigger. So we can read the field are within Australia much of the enterprise actually, it’s rather oh right now you’re shuttling to go to our homestay for tonight afternoon oh my god like, you got nervous they’re around here to fall off buddy yeah we’re ready for the snake.

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