The MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND in the Philippines – Cresta De Gallo

This is our story of traveling four days into one of the most remote parts of the Philippines in search of an island that few even knew existed, this is the Virgin Island of Cresta de gallo hey hey we are now boarding ferry heading to Cebu an island which is a very very remote island. And from there we’re going to an even more remote island basically, this is the main reason we came all the way out here is to find this upcoming island by the name of Cressida the gala Cresta de gallo. I’m a little nervous because we haven’t booked anywhere to stay tonight there was nothing available online.

The MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND in the Philippines – Cresta De Gallo Photo Gallery

I checked all the booking websites. I normally use. And even the ones.

I don’t normally use. And there was nothing. So that’s a little concerning don’t know where we’re going how we’re getting there Adventure luggage is up there okay we are currently about 20 minutes into our cheeky ride apparently we’ve got about an hour to get into a city that.

I don’t even know the name of, this is winging it, this is literally just showing up having nothing figured out. And hoping everything works out we’re out a bit of a tight timeline because we want to be in Boracay after this sounds like tomorrow’s gonna be a full travel day just to get us to work on. I guess, this is going back to the roots of the blog and, you know no glam all adventure, it’s excited about it and.

I have to say that. I hope this island are going all the way to see, it’s worth it. I’ve never in my entire life gone.

So far in my way to see one island but I think it will live up to the hype what’s the name of this town thank, you guys again okay okay guess what what we got a room yeah. So that is definitely a weight off my shoulder.

So we just took a jeepney to the city that. I couldn’t even understand what he was saying, but the nice thing is everyone we talked to is just. So helpful it makes getting around possible to be honest there’s not many countries where, you can just wing it like this.

And get by but I got to say the Filipino people are just. So kind.

So accommodating. And we have somewhere to stay tonight they even turn the bus around to drive us to the front door of this place 1,000 pesos a night. So that’s roughly 20 US dollars, it’s a seed it allows for two of us to have our own beds come check it out all right up we go she’ll do we do yes life saver the adventures are just getting started we’ve now checked into the marble room our bags are taken care of.

And we just found a guy who drives a boat. And he offered it to us they had two boats he’d a small one a big one small was 3,500 we took the bigger one because, it’s got like proper shade. And like coverage.

So that one’s 7,000 for the entire day. And he’s gonna take us right from the city here all the way to Cressida gala. And back yeah, it’s still guile.

So basically door-to-door service from our hotel, it’s a little expensive, it’s like 120 us for the day, but that’s why. I’ve traveled countless hours to get here. I’m gonna make sure, it’s done right let’s do it my friend we’ve met each other hooked it up with the boat brought us to a place where we got rice.

And eggs they’re not together they’re just in separate little baggies cooking with los LeBlanc we’re gonna be eating steamed rice. And egg in a bag, but on the bright side this was ten pesos. And this was ten pesos Wow we got a full team today there it is boys welcome to the boat 120 US dollars we’ve got like a full sailing crew adding this four guys on board you’ve got a good probably 60-foot boat there’s blue skies it seems like pretty calm this seems like the start of a perfect day because they’re always asking me how.

I stay in shape while traveling the answer simple 547 548 mandiboy, this is what it all comes down to like five days of traveling through planes boats jeepneys tricycles we’re about to experience a place that almost nobody else has ever been, this is a tiny spit of land in the middle of the ocean like there’s literally nobody here right now Wow I’m so excited right now guys, this is gonna be incredible like, this is why we came halfway around the world to see unique things here we are what the heck. I look under my foot.

And there’s a squid, this is a dream come true it is the Gatorade factory, this is where it all happens the gun, this is crazy. I give up on life too much mango peach is alive sweet light sweet sweet welcome to Krista the guy off, this is where they leave us and. So begins deserted on an island.

So we’re being shown around the island by our friend here what’s your name. I’m sorry ramya. I’ve been to a lot of islands, but, this is the most beautiful.

I’ve ever seen, it’s amazing very beautiful how do, you say guapa or Maggie how do, you say beautiful like maganda yeah maganda really cool we just met the owner of the island. I don’t know what about what’s going on here how long she’s been here English isn’t the best. So we’re not gonna have a full conversation, but needless to say.

I appreciate the hospitality the openness to have people here have been one of those day trips I’ll never forget at the hands of a dog or the paws the paws of a dog, it’s a really tiny island, but, it’s basically just one long strip. And we’ve arrived at the very end look at that right there oh, this is paradise right here it does not get any better than this just nothing, but white sand blue water waves crashing on the shore there’s no litter. And there’s literally nobody else here except for the one lady who lives here.

And there’s one little fishing boat over there that’s all, you get there’s no other tourists no other travelers and. I know why to be honest it was a lot of work to get here, but in my opinion. I’ve seen a lot of islands.

And when, you really want to experience something unique, you want to have that moment that nobody else has had then, this is definitely a worthy investment of time. And money wasn’t that expensive to get here. I mean we flew with Cebu Pacific to Tablas we took a couple boats across went to see Willian Island.

And then just a couple little steps later we got here to this unforgettable Island a worthy adventure, this is one of the coolest moments of my entire life guys so much hard work was put into getting here. And let’s just say it was worth every single bit of it right now the sky is about to turn purple, this is insane today’s word is brought to, you by my friend here Rami I’ll what is it.

I’m not Donna it means stupid this has been the most picturesque beautiful magical day on an island that. I’ve ever had, you got to make the trip down to check out this island for yourself, it’s not even showing up on Google Maps it is that remote and. I’ve said look at this natural beauty.

So stoked to have been here guys if you’re new to my blog then get ready for many more posts in the Philippines many more posts like this he’s got comment button up here to be notified when new posts are posted. And if you’re coming to the Philippines, this is my third time here. I made an entire travel post guide for, you do, you want to learn how to pack your bag how to avoid scams the best places to go all the hidden gems make sure to check out my five hot tips for the Philippines just down there click on that little bubble it’ll get, you all set up for your trip.

And without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one wow what a beaut. ?

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