Lost somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 4000 kilometers from the nearest mainland there is no true or formal adventure welcome for exploration of the world’s most isolated destination, this is Hawaii hey guys we have just driven about 30 minutes outside of Waikiki. And we’re actually meeting with another youtuber right now to go check out a 70 foot high water reservoir where. I assume he’s been back football fo, it’s not going to be me doing any backflips and.

I probably won’t jump, but it should be pretty cool. I was like, you the best job in the world. And he’s like looked at me with a straight face who said this was a job into the Sienna they going to kids to school we met up with another youtuber by the name of Sam who also happened to be in wahoo he liked to backflip off tall thing literally, this is Hawaii in a nutshell, it’s like, you are basically in the jungle.


And there’s just small patches of it that are developed it’s so so incredible here. I gotta say.

I will be back to why many more times after slaying the first shot we headed to our next jump about 15 minutes up the highway we pulled over onto the shoulder of the road in an area where, you could see high rises in traffic, you would have never expected, it’s right off the highway, but then again Hawaii is not like any place we’ve ever been unless you’ve been to white climbed up the highway barricade went down a dirt path up a creek. And yet another one of Hawaii’s Jim unveiled itself Chris jumping is actually deeply rooted into the Hawaiian culture. And since the 18th century it has been used as a way to show a man’s bravery.

And as a rite of passage. So a few people here are acrobats Rob and. I are going to show them up we’re going to show, you guys the pencil dive is a home we’ve given about 30-40 minutes to.

I believe we’re on the North Shore right now. And we’re going for some acai bowls which by the way. I only just learnt yesterday two days ago that, it’s like one of the best foods in the entire world Hawaii is like God’s chosen place like everything that is good is here sunshine acai bowls what more could, you ask for Laura sorry.

I’m sorry. I’m every girl understand. I punch.

I kicked him in yeah. I’m sorry what was it. So good.

I’m like obsessed with awesome what do, you got in there. So, you have frozen awesome, you have granola. I added strawberry coconut peanut butter heavenly, you buy an acai bowl, but don’t take a photo of it did, you ever really eat enough.

I evil No we have stops at the North Shore and, this is like apparently one of the best places, you can surf during certain seasons right now low season. So the waves are pretty small there’s a handful of surfers up there. And definitely it looks like good learning conditions, but apparently during the winter seasons, this is where the pros come to have Championships.

And the waves can be pretty rowdy just absolutely beautiful. I keep saying that here above why, but there’s really no other words to describe it. I mean this place is.

So stunning every move we’re going to choose the palm-trees there’s a lot of them here, it’s a forest yeah looks beautiful leaf on the ladies are getting ready yeah after that exam another military chopper down there, you didn’t already know Alois who is actually the biggest military base in the West Pacific. I’m pretty sure the Pacific Rim like where Pearl Harbor was we’re not gonna have time to check that out unfortunately definitely would’ve been cool to see it, but there’s lots of battleship stationed here in a Wahoo we passed by tons of Hummers, you can definitely see the military presence here, it’s crazy, you nah. I distinctly remember a year.

And a half ago looking into the transfer program at my accounting firm with the company they actually had a partner office in Honolulu Hawaii. And although I’d still be working 50 to 70 hours a week with the company. I thought this would be the best way to encounter Hawaii.

I would have never believed, you if you told me that only a year. And a half later. I would be coming here as a postgrapher.

And sharing this magical experience with my best friend Laura. So what do, you guys think that was. So cool that was like such a cool spot Laura and.

I never knew anyone. I know what’s been your favorite thing. So far.

I think this was one of my favorite thing yeah like honestly everywhere we go is just like more more beautiful. So, it’s hard to say, but definitely, this is one of the top things you’ve done have, you ever been somewhere like this before Kate, this is something else and. I love it yes.

So beautiful, you asked me something okay Rob here’s your question of the day how many languages, you speak. I speak to. And Spanish not.

So fluently. So maybe three we were driving in the car. And Rob picked up the phone.

And all of a sudden he just says something that. I have never heard before like. I was like what the heck is going on.

I look over and. I look back. I can rob speak Russian – Jesus hi.

And life can take, you pretty crazy places when, you let it now there’s something we have to talk about. And that is North Shore tacos Rob says, it’s like basically the best taco, you ever had. So we’ve pulled over at this random taco joint in the middle of nowhere like there’s nothing else around here really let’s see if, it’s any good I’ll talk with unit okay cinematic shot walking to taco shack hurry up Oh amazing Thursday it is the end of the night we literally are going to get two hours of sleep, but in the morning it will all be worth it because what we’re doing could easily be the highlight of Hawaii if it all pans out yes no anyways the morning morning guys about an hour outside of like key we have arrived we are apparently at the beach which is peddling off the map on the west side.

And we’re gonna go for a swim in an area where there’s often dolphins. So you’re not supposed to approach them because, you have to respect that they’re wild animals, but if they come to, you which they’re quite social animals then of course, it’s okay to film very excited. I have never swam adults report.

And okay oh my god never in my life that. I think Hawaii was this beautiful, it’s taken because we did not see any dolphins this morning apparently at one point they swam by, but we never got close to see them which is totally fine because it was literally just awesome to hang out in the water really beautiful, it’s actually a little cold if you’re not moving but I was swimming really hard the whole time.

So it got really comfortable now we are heading out to our next abode we got two more days here we are actually going to leave for Maui, but we decided to extend their time in a Wahoo because we’re just having so much fun here ladies everyone early that’s a bullet our gun here we gotta pull tight back in here yeah, you can do getting from another that Lauren K again the blog footage of us in the ocean swimming earlier today like that was not possible with anything others in dance then brought his underwater housing for the 1dx the exact same camera eyes she with. And the result is just like unbelievable.

So guys. I’m Dan already gathered up didn’t catch the fire okay let’s go in the water man yeah, you want to lose here really get. I love your coming out more yeah that’s actually a professional diver.

So if you wanna do to be crazy diving stuff that. I would not even touch man damn man. So we’re going to watch the sunset, it’s currently like raining, but like it looks at magical.

I feel like everything here just like looks magical. And out of a movie so. I don’t know where we’re going to go watch the sunset.

So we’re going to get to on the tree you’re plugging the camera right now something. And we’re going to get into third place. I mean be yeah we’re in this nice little neighborhood probably about thirty minutes outside of Waikiki act we are going to experience American culture all the back only the finest food Costco one dollar fifty for a massive hot dog, it’s not quite as big as a sign, but, it’s not far is it my site if your life size, it’s not that big I’m.

I want to refund hey we don’t have a community nice ten dollars we got about 3,000 calories worth of food at least, this is a pre though that’s good. I’m calculating roughly about 1200 calories. So like your mother Cola.

I would have been bad well um oh no Telemundo we have a joke here that we roll up to a place. And it says no danger no cross Hawaiian for cool stuff starts here. I under 101.

So are, you doing how would, you jump great. I love the feeling being upside down yeah, it’s a nice feeling very few people can do that like that was like a lot very few people are willing to try that yeah nobody even does the wall looks far out from the water. And then it was like nothing, you say maybe.

So that’s why. I grew up. And learned how to cook that yeah that’s like.

I feel. So comfortable there like knowing. I know where everything is.

I don’t miss laughs like detect anything. I know what the depth is in order to jump in are hard to push out well. I just realized this entire vlog between today yesterday has been like about cliff jumping boy Hawaii pretty sure everyone is asleep right now but.

I wanted to say that tonight was an amazing night like it was so much fun to hanging out with the crew we got Dan we literally just met today. And get the dream having quality chat one of those nights that, you only get when, you travel, you meet people.

So quickly, you really dive in. And hit it off. And that’s, you know.

I’m gonna end tonight on a really positive note why, you have been. So good to me. I’m in love with this place.

I’m in love with this trip. So far. And day four has been unbelievable guys.

I’m going to end it here let’s get lost again tomorrow. I put my heart. And soul into this post and.

I hope, you guys liked it make sure to check out part 1 to the Hawaii series. I have it linked in the top right corner. And make sure, you click that belly button.

So you’re notified the moment the next Hawaii post goes live, you. ?

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