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An elderly man in a ragged black fur-lined coat Tianjin Metro Map and boots had set himself up as the repairer of badly damaged yurt frames. He had Tianjin Metro Map stockpiles of red canes set aside to sell to families who had not yet arrived. When complete the camp would have about sixty families. He worked with a speed bom of years of practice. Looping a leather thong around each pole-joint, he pulled the knots neatly tight before cutting them off with a hunting knife he kept between his teeth when not in use. Once one family had accepted me, several others invited me into their yurts for tea.


Regardless of the reason, Kaiser and others rushed up the fire escape to the second floor. They were met with sheer chaos and had to claw their way to the staircase. Men, women and children ran about the room screaming while others continued to rush down the stairs to their death. In an attempt to gain control and calm the panic, in a loud booming voice Kaiser called for the people to settle down. There was no danger. The rescue party began untangling the living, injured and dead. It seemed to take an eternity.

The deceased were laid out in front of the Italian Hall where an already huge, frenzied crowd was waiting to see what had happened to their children. Emotion gripped those searching for their loved ones. Some parents, in their haste and grief, rushed their lifeless little one home only to later realize the child was not theirs.

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