TO THE BEACH Split Croatia

So we are on our third island think that’s what. I think oh no.

I think, it’s tactically like five or six Islands anyways. I don’t know how I Croatian trip face we just turn into a bunch of each time, it’s alright, this is all good because we are now in the most popular beaches.

TO THE BEACH Split Croatia Photo Gallery

I think the most popular beaches, it’s someone always Dorn’s on all the like Croatian posters. So either this one or Dubrovnik. So here, this is being done tini.

I’m thing about seeing it right rat each here on Bowl and. I let a Brock like Miami, you see it kind of like goes out. And then it comes here.

And it goes to point or peninsula. And then it goes round again like that right, you need the beach absolutely people really really nice for a very very popular beach, it’s surprisingly clean really really happens on super popular beaches. I think, it’s because of all the little pebbles like those pebbles.

And knots. And this and, you should be 1630 say this the white pebbles, this is all about talking about right stuff do, you like the pebbles better so much better, it’s cleaner.

I know that’s all normally talk about like has a beach everywhere bo wants a beaches, but not no one with the Pebble Beach we heard. I want our Palm Beach. I feel.

I think wise, you go pebble, it’s really hard to go back to sand all right cursed so. I think. So because publish.

So much, you know, you don’t get sad everywhere, it’s one cleaner okay, you need to build up a little bit of calluses on your feet, but again they also get pretty hot but. So to stand. So let’s go to San saying, it’s everywhere where’s pebbles not.

So much that’s a much it’d be really difficult, you know big big pebbles under your clothes outdoors yeah. And last finales we have shopped in the grub the capital city of Croatia largest city of Croatia. And what we do here 7e capture via the mortgage to do is yes it is almost almost like, it’s boring is it got really loud let’s the fountains fault alright shall we go find a coffee to step on let’s go.

And why not. So we found out what this festival is very impossible around a budgetary metal encourage this Gigi Oh all that loud produce products. And food we’ve got ourself a chair, you watch.

And this friend of chocolate chocolate we don’t really do barely, it’s good no, it’s present men Oh Michael right. ?

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