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In other parks and areas, however, you can receive a stiff fine or summons and be evicted from the park on the spot. This is not the way any of us wants to end a trip. It’s probably not worth taking a chance. Know the rules and observe themunless a ranger gives you permission to ignore one or more of them.

Other Considerations in Selecting a Site Avoid Toledo camping in a low spot or at the bottom of a depression, which might fill with water if it rains. Be alert if the soil is thin and there appears to be bedrock underneath, meaning any rain would have nowhere to go and the area could be flooded. Likewise, never set your tent up in a dry stream bed or other channel where water might be funneled if it should rain.

Anytime there’s even a remote possibility of heavy showers and ensuing flash floods, camping directly alongside a stream or river is potentially risky. It’s safer to be on higher ground, at least several feet or more above the waterline. Also, when camping close to the ocean or a large lake, be careful to keep well beyond the reach of tides and possible storm waves.

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In 1643, Williams sailed to England to secure Rhode Island’s patent. Toledo Map There, he obtained a patent that included language separating religious and civil authority completely. It also combined Providence, Portsmouth, and Newport under one colonial government. While in London, Williams wrote and published his most famous work, The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution. In this document, Williams advanced the ideas that every person and religious group was entitled to religious liberty as a fact of nature and that governments should play no role in the enforcement of religious laws. He supported his radical views with passages from the Bible. From 1654 to 1657, Williams served as president of Rhode Island’s general assembly. From this post, he was able to deal with factional problems that had plagued Rhode Island since its inception, relying on his skills as a politician. Banished from Puritan Massachusetts, Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island on the principles of religious tolerance, separation of church and state, and representative democratic government. (Brown Brothers, Sterling, Pennsylvania) Williams was fascinated by his Narragansett neighbors, and his Key into the Language of Country, published in 1643, has proven to be extremely useful in reconstructing the native world of Rhode Island in the seventeenth century. The book, intended to serve as a guide for converting the Narragansett to Christianity, is packed with thorough ethnographical observations. Williams was primarily interested in Narragansett culture as a means to conversion, but he also found religious significance for the English in their dealings with native peoples.

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