Top 5 Best Travel Destinations

Top 5 Best Travel Destinations

These little responsibilities are quite portable – train, bus and cruise lines all help to make them and lift easy for travelling parents; and, even offer and provide perks along with the services.

Our son was a magnet and a great motivator. He attracted fellow travelers; and, motivated transport and other staff members to be especially helpful and nice to us in so many ways that enriched our experience.

His presence further heightened many of our senses; and, this is what travel is supposed to do; for, in our comfort zone, we take things for granted and miss out on seeing and enjoying life in its fuller sense.

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If the price of travel is to give up some comfort trying to sleep in the seat of a bus designed for long distance travel; but, the bus window is a portal which provides ever changing vistas; and, you try to capitalise on the golden opportunities to inform and educate yourself, it’s more than worth the discomfort. It’s priceless!

And, as young and small as he was, our 30-month old son aided in our education and enjoyment while we did the same for him. For example, there were the various kinds of cows that we saw on the farms as with we drove past; plus, skiers on mountain slopes; derricks dipping up oil in the fields; huge electricity generating windmills; and, things never seen before, all fodder for the three of us.

That’s essentially what travel is and about – providing food for all or most of our senses; throwing us into situations we could not anticipate; forcing us to deal with the attending challenges or nice surprises; and, letting us be own judges as to how we have coped in the various circumstances.

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