Hey guys technically actually we’ve been up for at least a couple hours this morning we had a search. And rescue mission for a missing micro SD card that’s in yesterday’s post if you want to check that out, but needless to say let’s just start the day with a clean slate starting off with breakfast.

And an incredible view here in Rome blonde island. And we’re waiting for our boat we’ve got a private island tour today we paid about 1,500 pesos which is roughly 30 US dollars we’re about to board ourselves onto the naval ship known as flipper. So we have successfully crossed from Rumble on to some little island right off the shore.


And, it’s beautiful the Sun is finally coming out coming across was little rocky, but we’re now in a cove the waters calm sign it though the water is a beautiful turquoise all right. So. I’m already pretty much dry after my little spill, but we just arrived here in Coppola d’Or island.

And there’s nobody else here, it’s just how do, you meet hi. And our guides absolutely beautiful apparently, you can find sea turtles swimming around out here. So we’ve got the GoPro got her snorkels we’re gonna go have a look, but most of all.

I’m just excited to like be experiencing this, you know we’ve had some pretty mixed weather, it’s nice to see the sun’s out. And hopefully it stays that way for a while we’re off to pay our Island fee which is 20 pesos per head that’s like 50 cents per person pretty cheap. I just went into like this classroom area where there’s probably about eight people working.

I don’t know what they were doing but I had to go fill up my name Jamie’s name. And we paid a 20 pace of environmental fee they were just.

So nice they were like welcoming us to the island asking us how we found out about it, but yeah, this is Cobra door and, you can see here there’s locals playing soccer baseball we’re gonna go hang out by the beach get some shots. And just enjoy being on an island that like not really many people have been to cool hey she’s wrong. So looks like school’s out early today today’s lesson is all about how to fly drone our goal for this trip is to learn a Tagalog word every single day.

So far we have Salama we have quia we have mono which is chicken and. I just asked them what beautiful isn’t what’s beautiful in Tagalog maganda that’s where number four All Right see, you guys. So now is my time to cut into the post.

And say, this is the most beautiful bluest water. I have ever seen now, you guys probably hear me say that way too much the most beautiful this most beautiful that, but honestly just just play the GoPro footage that is some crystal-clear Gatorade water. And my friends, you don’t get any bluer than that and, this is like one of those Islands that nobody knows about case closed look at them antenna for boat they don’t want us to leave Jamie.

So what are we about to eat, you we should squash oh she’s got Jesus yeah. And what is it the lady last night she was like explaining all the sandwiches. I have it was like oh no he ate a sandwich that goes in the press this squishy-squashy like opening panini yeah yeah apparently in the Philippines they call them squishy-squashy apologies that my recording studio seems to have a motorboat inside of it, but that just happens to be my studio of the day currently sitting here on an island trying to do voiceover work after we left Cobra door island the guys took us to this very beautiful shallow water.

And the coolest thing about it was, you could actually see the way the light was reflecting off the whites. And it made for this incredible fluorescent blue that is very rare to see. I absolutely love it, it’s been such a great day, it’s great hot water though oh boy Christian watch me do a backflip what do, you call that trick maybe that’s time, this is awkward.

I’m doing this voiceover in public, you got this dude third time’s the charm you’d be the sloth that grabbed its own arm it fell to its death our tour came with this really interesting little boogie board. And the cool thing is the basically just has like a little container. And it allows, you to see in the water when, it’s flat with the water but.

I saw how clear it was. I was thinking to myself why don’t we use this as the opportunities. I found like an underwater housing for the 1dx.

So basically Jamie holds it in place pick area slee holds one DX in one hand. And just records as. I go down below and, this is where we’re able to get have, you ever been anywhere like this no.

I have it really fair yeah don’t only like. I’m swimming days when I take a lot going your stuff, but, this is amazing the water is.

So much warmer than. I expected. So if you watched yesterday’s post you’ll know that.

I got the most amazing drone shots of life, but then. I went on to lose that SD card. So after the day trip going across the islands.

I had to go back. So. I’m burnt once again but.

I had to come back here. And capture this sunset one last time we’re gonna get just as nice of a sunset as we did yesterday. And this time.

I’m gonna make sure. I don’t lose the microSD card that incredible thin white sand beach there’s very few places in the world, you can find something like bone bone beach. So something really crazy happened tonight after Jamie headed out.

I decided to stay back on bond bond Beach flew the drone got some really great shots not quite as good as the previous night, but we’re not gonna get into that, but the awesome part was when I hung back when the Sun set. I started to watch the Stars and.

I literally just sat there for a good hour. And there was like the most incredible stargazing ever. I saw a couple shooting stars.

And then. I decided to go into the water just to kind of walk around just hanging out on my own spending some quality time there. And then all of a sudden.

I see lights going on around my feet. I did not know that this was one of the areas where, you could see the bioluminescent plankton it was absolutely incredible to see that there. And when, you don’t expect it.

And all of a sudden there’s lights going on around your feet, it’s incredible. I didn’t actually submerge my face in it like. I did in Cambodia, but still it was just such a like magical way to end this time here in Romblon.

I have to say that, this is definitely a Thailand worth visiting, it’s not that far from Boracay if you want to see Barak. I have liked the tourist experience, but then go a little bit off the beaten path. And have this very, you know unique rural escape then definitely check out rum blonde.

I can’t remember the name of this place, but if you’re curious, it’s all linked down below, you can go ahead. And book it there, it’s got everything, you need the staff here are great. And, it’s overlooking the ocean, it’s just.

So beautiful. So tomorrow morning we will be heading out nice. And early a 6:00 a.

m. start to basically go. And see the main reason.

I have come all the way from Tablas to Ron Blount. And now to see boo-yan Island basically what. I haven’t told, you yet is that there is one island that is basically the main motivator behind this entire trip.

And tomorrow we are going to be going to visit that Island. I’m very excited it looks like the definition of paradise. And if you’re new to this blog welcome, it’s great to have, you here hit the comment button right up here.

And you’ll be notified when new posts like this are posted a lot more from the Phillip to come. And if you’re coming to the Philippines. I’ve made an entire Travel Guide for, you everything, you need to know from the hidden gems to the must-see locations how to pack your bags safety all that jazz check out the five hot tips, it’s just linked right over here it’ll get, you ready for your trip completely free of charge.

So check it out. And without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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