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1621 The Dutch government charters the West India Company to control trade with West Africa and the Countrys. Vancouver Metro Map 1622 Native Country attacks on the Virginia colony destroy early Virginia industries. Virginia’s trade will now be based almost entirely on tobacco. 1624 The Virginia Company’s charter is revoked. King James I of England establishes a royal tobacco monopoly. 1626 Eleven slaves arrive in the first importation of slaves into New Netherland. 1628 The New England Company is organized.

1629 To encourage colonization, the Dutch West India Company sells patroonships, combining quasi-feudal rights over large territories with the right to trade fur, fish, and other commodities. The New England Company sends six shipwrights to Salem to build fishing vessels. This is the beginning of commercial shipbuilding in New England. 1632 In Paris, Father Gabriel Sagard, a missionary of the Recollect order, publishes an account of his journeys among the Huron. To encourage investment in the area by French businessmen, he describes the copper mines of the Lake Superior region, although he does not claim to have seen them himself. 1638 By early October, the first printing business in British Country is in operation in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The first large-scale Country textile business is founded at Rowley, Massachusetts. 1643 John Winthrop, Jr., then visiting England, creates a Company of Undertakers of the Iron Works in New England. Winthrop returns to the Massachusetts Bay Colony with financial backing, materials, and a company of skilled workers.

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