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With these sounds they were led into their evening meditation period Anyang Travel . At the end I came away uplifted. Of course Iiiad again missed the town dinner Anyang Travel -hour but found the Hui cafe still open. While waiting for the noodles to cook I worked out my journey ahead, down through western China towards its south-west comer. When I left the Hui couple taught me the words of formal leave-taking, which I translated as, I leave the warmth of your presence with sorrow.’ To which they replied, May happiness and a good road be your fortune.

In surveys conducted in mid 2011 with 20 Jie Pang users from the ba ling hou generation, what emerged was that, for many, the main motivation for Jie Pang use was to record the places they went to, for both themselves (i.e. as an aide-memoire) and also in order to share this information with their friends (networked memorialization’). According to Ai’ (female, aged 25), Jie Pang use was in order to record where I go to everyday. It’s like a diary with location.’ The other respondents shared Ai’s sentiment; with many expressing the view that recording locational information via Jie Pang was both for their own and others’ benefit. According to Bai’ (male, aged 27), he used Jie Pang primarily to record where I had been’ and to have this information synchronized to social networks such as Weibo to share with my followers’. Others did not record every location they visited; rather they used Jie Pang only for those occasions when they went to new places.

One of the ways to create an intimate public, so only one’s friends could view Jie Pang check-ins’, was to check in through a Social Networking System (SNS) like Renren. This technique was deployed by most of the respondents as a way to foster some form of privacy and to make sure that the overlay between geographic and electronic co-presence was done so within the context of friends or quanxi. It is clear that Jie Pang brings together co-presence, place and mobility in ways that infuse them with social capital significance.

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