Top Five Destinations for Solo Women Travellers

Traveling around the world as a solo woman is not as risky and dangerous as it sounds! There are many countries you can travel alone and not draw any attention. Most of these nations have friendly locals and strict laws.

When you travel alone, you will be able to tackle extreme conditions and yet have fun.

Above all, in this modern era, it is not difficult to find solo women travelers.

With this being said, there are few countries you can explore alone.

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Destination #1

Any all world travel blog will suggest you visit the United Kingdom. Yes, this is one of the finest destinations for travelers (both solo and group). But, if you want to explore more and taste culture at its best, you must visit “Wales”.

Wales is known for its amazing landscapes. It has so many important and interesting sites for travelers. People who are interested in outdoor adventures and sports must visit the Pembrokeshire Coast. This is a beautiful spot for solo hikes. Next, Cardiff (the capital city) has so many sports arenas, shopping centers, museums,and theatres.

Destination #2

Are you an ecotourist? Do you wish to learn and experience sustainability? Are you planning for aquatic adventures? If yes, you must visit Costa Rica.

Many solo women travelers are fond of Costa Rica. This is a scintillating ground for aquatic fun. You will be able to see rare sea turtles and amazing surfing waves. Costa Rica is home to hundreds of yoga retreats, thermal spas,and hot springs.

Destination #3

Any all world travel blog will be incomplete without “Bonaire”. This is an ideal Caribbean Destination for solo women.

Bonaire is known for its soft sand, fresh fruits,and bright sun. Above all, it offers 50 to the 100-foot visibility of the deep sea. This Caribbean destination has many dive spots and one-of-a-kind beaches. The best time to visit Bonaire is in February. This is when locals prepare for their island-wide party alias Karnival. The feast lasts for 2 complete weeks.

Destination #4

A city known for its solo women travelers would be “Copenhagen”. This is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful metropolitan cities. Copenhagen is rich in architecture and modern shopping destinations.

When you are in Denmark, you must see the Gefjun Fountain. This fountain speaks of how Denmark was formed. This is a beautiful mythological story. Ladies, you must shop around Copenhagen at night and listen to all the local religious stories.

Destination #5

If you are a beach lover, you must visit Australia!

Perth in Australia has visitors from different parts of the world. Most of these travelers visit the country for its stunning beaches and parks. When you are in Australia, you must visit the Kings Park. This is one of the world’s largest city parks. More than six million people visit the Kings Park every year.

The Other Destinations!

Few other destinations that are safe for solo women travelers are Scandinavia Finland, Canada, and Bali.

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