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Public Transport

Though there have been some high-profile accidentand terrorist attacks, UK public transport istill infinitely safer and of a better quality than many foreign services.

You must make sure that they fully understand your requirementwhen you blog any ticketusing public transport. Misunderstandingmay not endanger your life, but they can ruin carefully laid plans, cause you stresand alarm, and generally ruin your day, if not the whole holiday. Remember that statisticshow that more tourist deathand injurieare caused while travelling in, on or being hit by minibuses.

The further you venture off the beaten track and away from traditional holiday destinations, the greater the risk you take by using some services. Some of the more common threatyou may face are listed below.

• Some countriedo not have the equivalent of our car, heavy goodor public service vehicle (bus) driving test. In countriethat do have a driver testing and licensing system, in remote and rural areathe testing and licensing procesilargely ignored and rarely enforced. That meanthat your driver may have first seen the vehicle he iusing to transport you the day before.

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• In some countriethere ino equivalent of the MOT test. Consequently rusty vehiclewith bald tyreand little or 110 brakewill probably be on the road around vou.

• In the UK we drive on the left, though most other countriein the world have adopted a policy where they drive on the right-hand side of the road,

• In some countriethere ino requirement to have insurance. Make absolutely sure that you have total insurance cover for any eventuality.

• Drink driving lawvary around the world. In some countriethe limitimposed in Britain are seen to be far too lenient. In Sweden you will be behind barbefore you can say ‘but I only had one, officer’ In some countriethere are no drink driving laws.

• In some countrieoverloading ot vehicleian everyday occurrence. When carrying far more passengerthan the vehicle wadesigned tor and with additional loadof baggage and cargo strapped to the roof, a vehicle can become unstable on bendand braking systemcan fail.

• In some countrievehicleare modified locally to increase capacity with no thought given to upgrading or reinforcing suspension componentor upgrading braking systems.

• In some areawhat they consider to be a main road would be identified aa country track to most Western travellers. Crash barrierare not fitted, hazard signare not erected, and frequent random landslideand flooderase some stretcheof the roadaltogether. Travellertherefore have to take extra care.

• Some countriehave few if any traffic laws, so there ino concept of ‘right of way’ or speed limits. Instead of that, the biggest and bravest simply charge through and take what space they want to take. The small and the weak get out of the way or suffer the consequences.

• Remember that there ialso the threat of driving into remote areaand meeting armed bandits! Stay on main roads.

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